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How to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8

You probably shouldn’t do this, but there’s a way to uninstall any OEM app on Windows Phone 8. If you follow these steps, you can uninstall apps like Glance, Storage Sense, Access Point, Display, and more. More details: http://www.wpcentral.com/how-to-uninstall-oem-app-windows-phone Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1

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  1. Hi I m using Microsoft Lumia 640 xl few month ago I was delete facebook app but now I want download again but I can't find it in store plz help me

  2. Anybody know if it's possible do the same with windows phone 10 ?

  3. Is there a way to install extras+info on SD card then?

  4. Not working on Windows 10 unfortunately.

  5. Check link:# plus.google.com/102222547549233585060/posts/htNTZXbPmfw
    Windows 10 genuine product key here.

  6. My microsof edge tqkes tons of plac

  7. how to install android software

  8. I was hoping to remove that flight mode.

  9. Hello. I was wondering if you can delete windows from your phone and replace with android?

  10. instead of that message those menues just do not open and teleport me right back to the settings-menu…
    You want to know, why i want to remove the OEM-apps?
    My lumia 1020 crashed a few hours ago and after it rebootet, most of my apps do not open and/or the tile-logo is completely empty.
    and many of my OEM-Apps are now shown with strange names like

    my music-app cannot be opened, whatever i try to do. and Netflix gets an error (80040154), which is known for being caused by the music-app… BUUUUUT here comes the twist: the app cannot be uninstalled on the normal way and with your strategy it doesn't work either, because (as I already said) the phone just doesn't open a message about some app having a "problem with acces point"…

  11. doesn't work on HTX 8X

  12. Why do you keep saying "we don't know why anyone would would want to do this?" We are trying to get rid of useless rubbish. Isn't that clear? Your comments in the video are super stupid.

  13. This helped me get rid of that battery hogging motion data.

  14. My problem is funny… On Lumia 720 it started showing the error 80040154 and all sorts of sounds stopped playing including the ringtones etc.. So naturally after browsing the web I came to the common solution of removing Nokia Music which I could not find a way of doing ultimately.. Changed the date to 2108 and everything went back to normal.. What the problem was I will never know..

  15. I want to uninstall music coz it doesn't work, a lot of my apps stopped working randomly so I uninstalled them all then reinstalled them now they're fine but it won't let me uninstall music 🙁

  16. Garataia Ghatriaow

    i want to remove "video"  application "calculator" and that type of apps , to save space but can't do that at basic level ( uninstall options not exists ) , there is any way ?

  17. Linuxguideontheair

    Bye att apps =]

  18. Buy Nokia Account 😀

  19. helped me out a ton removing an app that was brought over from a restore… huuuge help

  20. I have alrdy uninstalled the glance but why the glance still functioning when my lock screen?

  21. i have a problem with glance screen so yeah i think this can help me

  22. Thanks for this guide. …I uninstalled glance, audio as it doesn't support lumia 520

  23. @ThosParkouristas You need special display to handle glance screen. I have Lumia 625 too and it don't have this display. You CAN'T install glance screen on your device.

  24. keul

  25. Uninstall Xbox Music

  26. hey, i need help i have windows phone 8.1 and i can't install on my nokia lumia 625 glance screen from sys app pusher and from everywhere else. It says it is not availiable. Is there somethin i could do to get glance screen??? PLZZZ HELP ME!!!

  27. Be prepared to have major issues with your device if you decide to do this. Do not uninstall system applications that are working, for example, the call filtering setting. This could stop you from being able to reinstall it. 

  28. how about the swipe key on keyboard? I don't like that features.

  29. Old trick ! I new this from wp8

  30. It's not a bug it it's likely to be something to do with the licensing for these apps

  31. Yeah, I don't know why you would do that. OEM apps are usually good. Carrier apps are usually bad.

  32. This is probably a bug. Don't be surprised if this gets patched. 

  33. I'm keeping mines how it is. OEM apps ain't bothering me.

  34. This hack allows you to enable wifi tether/internet sharing on devices that come locked. Especially at&t Lumia devices running on T-Mobile. What you'll need is a foreign sim card (O2 from UK will do). Follow these steps:

    1. Insert foreign SIM card use access point to apply settings.
    2. Reboot and remove access point.
    3. Insert your main sim card and set APN for data/MMS settings manually in the cellular settings for your carrier.
    4. Do Not Reinstall access point.

  35. It's help full for those who cant open call+filter, thanks dani for the tip 😄

  36. This is some kind of easter egg…

  37. Also thanks for the tip I'm annoyed with these OEM apps.

  38. FIRST

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