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How To Use NFC on Android Mobile – loud oli Tamil Tech News

How To Use NFC on Android Mobile – loud oli Tamil Tech News உங்கள் Mobile லில் NFC யை பயன்படுத்துவது எப்படி? how to use …

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  1. Boss enoda phone, oppo A37 ethula NFC eruka eppadi use pandrathu konjam solluga.

  2. Useful video for me bro…

  3. ji apadiye volte, atha pathi explain panni video poda mudiyuma, volte na software ah illa mobile la irukka extra device ah nu konjam explain pannunga

  4. tag pathi video podunga

  5. Roshini Christopher

    tx very usefull

  6. bro am I using le eco le 2 ithula NFC eruka??!

  7. Super

  8. w mean by sync

  9. w mean by sync

  10. Tamil tech copy your video every day first hologram's still nfc

  11. good loud oli

  12. sama video brooo

  13. sama video brooo

  14. NFC vachi song r video send panna mudiyuma?

  15. bro eppadi erukinga

  16. super bro

  17. vijayavarma prasad

    Thanks bro very useful information

  18. flip cover or if a case covers the mobile,will nfc work only after their removal?

  19. brother,songs and videos kooda idhe madhiri transfer panalama from one mobile to another?

  20. k bro thank u..

  21. hai bro asus zenfone mex la nfc irruka pls tellme

  22. sirappu ✌

  23. Coolpad note 3 lite NFC support or not sollunga bro

  24. sema super bro

  25. can multiple files transferred in a single time?

  26. How to release copyright claims in YouTube… can you post one video for that problem…

  27. Nalla video, en mob la NFC iruku sony m4 

  28. Sri saravana groups 9597

    இருக்கா இல்லையானு எப்படி பார்ப்பது

  29. super explanation

  30. NFC explain super Ji

  31. Super bro 😀😀

  32. super

  33. ada kokka makka semmaiya irukku bro ippo bt en mobile la nfc illaiye bro nan enna panna

  34. so what

  35. samsung j2 la support aggumma bro?

  36. Hi friends my mobile le 1s model how to find NFC

  37. near friends only sent panna mudiuma Illa long distance sent panna mudiuma bro

  38. super bro alternate aa download & inatall senji use panna mudiuma sollunga

  39. parra..enaku ippo than therium NFC nu onu irukunu but anyway super nice video

  40. super bro

  41. நன்றாக இ௫ந்தது

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