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How to Use Periscope on Android

Here is a quick walkthrough of Periscope on Android. If you are Periscope make sure and follower me (@unicornbeauty): …

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  1. why is commenting limited?

  2. hi there….just watched your very helpful video, well done. I'm just starting out! I also just followed you. I am a Paris loving individual who wants to start posting live broadcasts…(I cover all the non cliched aspects of life here, history, cool stuff, etc) ,,,SO..any ideas you may want to suggest on how to create compelling broadcasts are very welcome! Thanks!

  3. What does it mean when it says "internet connection not established" ?

  4. how do I comment on things on android?

  5. Hi Pepper, I have a question regarding comments. If a user is to be blocked, does the Periscope engine or according to the web also know as "bots", recognize you and block you in other scopes even if you were not to be blocked in that other separate scope one is following? I remember I was accidentally blocked by a user but it didn't balk me from commenting other scopes, but later in the prior week I was restricted from commenting regardless, any scope. Do you know how to fix this issue? I emailed Periscope but no concrete response only the same help desk response.

  6. I need a tutorial starting from the DOWNLOAD on Android. I can't get my camera to work and I think I'm doing the settings incorrectly.

  7. +Pepper Scraps you can now change your profile on android if you want to.

  8. Pepper what was an app you mentioned on scope to save your cast with text and hearts included? 

  9. Thanks – I did not know how to give hearts.

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