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HP Stream 11 Review Late 2016 $199 Windows 10 Laptop Minecraft

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the Late 2016 HP Stream 11. This is a very popular sub $200 laptop that HP has had so much success with. Is the new …

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  1. francheska landfair

    for $200 I got a 500gb HP flyer red laptop 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Can you download programs on this

  3. Can this run the sims 4?

  4. Como me sigan bombardeando con publicidad voy ha denunciar a los de HP ya que un ordenador tiene que venir libre no tener que descargar un programa para evitar la publicidad piratas son eso es lo que son

  5. can you play animal jam on this without lag?

  6. abnormal abnormal

    can you download games on it???

  7. why won't they just give an empty saTa or pcie port.

  8. jessica monteiro-mcdonald

    can i get instagram or snapchat on this because people tell me i can and others tell me i cant i just want to find out

  9. Im still using the previous model in blue. good for work presentation, email, and office documents + sheets editing. Love this because the battery, no need to bring cable power anymore

  10. My mom ordered mine the hp stream 14 on Amazon

  11. can this run star wars battlefront?????without lag????

  12. I'm getting one at December 31 2016

  13. can i record music on this ? Nothing to fancy I wanna run midi and mics and stuff with simple software for my first set up.

  14. hey, can you let me know what kind of FPS you get in Minecraft with the optifiine plugin?

  15. the web cam isnt the thing thats horrible its just your face you should check it out or even ask sofia vergara for some tips

  16. slower than an iphone…

  17. The Gaming Wolf YT

    can you play roblox on it

  18. windows is taking up 23GB on my new stream can anyone help?

  19. can you give it away?

  20. ignacio spreafichi

    so cool , cheap machine

  21. TheCreatorOfTurtles

    i want this for Christmas

  22. Mine is darker blue

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