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Huawei MediaPad M3 Android Tablet Review – 8.4 Inch iPad Mini Alternative

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/d29ve (affiliate link) – Huawei’s MediaPad M3 brings a nice display, lots of RAM, and great build quality in their $300 tablet.

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  1. Hey Lon.. I am debating between this one and the Asus zenpad model that is comparable to this.. which do you think is a better deal? I was looking to buy these unlocked somewhere and add it to AT&T.

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    Anybody noticed the Apple computer in the background?

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  5. I orderderd it :)

  6. great review. i wonder if this would tablet would be good to use with a DJI drone as a display? Also have you looked at or reviewed any of the Chuwi tablets? a co-worker of mine recently bought the Chuwi pro 10" dual boot w10/android version with the keyboard option and he seems to like it so far.

  7. I almost got it holidays last year… but I couldn't find one here in Brazil. Too bad.
    Ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which has been great in my personal experience.
    I also tried to find an nVidia Shield Tablet K1 to no avail… though I really wanted the fingerprint scanner, so there's that.

    Kinda glad I did too, because the bigger screen (I got the 9.7" model S2) was welcome… I read comics and manga on it, sometimes these have tiny text that you are better off with a bigger screen.

    I'm not sure how the market is in other places, but the Galaxy Tab S2 is almost an year older than Huawei MatePad, so you might get it for comparable or even cheaper prices. Huawei has more RAM memory, battery size is bigger, and I dunno how the CPUs compare (the one on Huawei is probably better), but the Galaxy Tab S2 has a super AMOLED display which is just great.

    Spent over a month without a desktop PC… running all things on Android (smartphone and tablet). It's manageable, but I'm sure glad to be back on my desktop PC. xD

    There are still just some irritating things on Android that never seems to be solved. My Feedly stream kept reloading out of nowhere all the time. The YouTube app doesn't show or let you post comments unless you are in portrait mode for some reason. I still feel more comfortable using a mouse instead of bluetooth keyboard + touchscreen. Things like that.

  8. For $50 more, you can double the internal storage to 64 GB

  9. great review. Any chance that you could get a hold of a ASUS ZenPad 3S for review? It is in the same price range but is a 9.7" tablet. I have not found any good reviews on the unit but it is HIRES music certified and has DTS surround sound. Your opinion on the hardware would be greatly appreciated especially since I have never seen a HIRES music certification on a previous tablet.

  10. Guillermo castilla

    I'm still using my galaxy no problem bro. Two I think it's faster and much better screen

  11. I still think the iPad is better

  12. Chris “Wolfman” Cuthbertson

    Looks good, but i think its a little overpriced. Its a similar spec and price to a Samsung S2 8.0

  13. ”5 Ghz WiFi can be enabled if you're willing to root and edit 1 file or flash a non-US rom. Head over to XDA forums / mediapad 3 and find the topic“

    edit: ok did some research: "Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac at 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz (Products delivered to markets that impose FCC certification requirements do not support 802.11 a/ac at 5 GHz Wi-Fi)"

    overall nice tablet! planning to buy it

  14. Netflix allows download to SD card too now! Only on android of course!

  15. hello lon can u do a review of the asus zenpad 3s 10 and its gaming performaces well bte very good review if u post the 3s 10 i can like see the difference:-)

  16. I wonder if this has dual A72 x A53 Quad?

  17. Cool. I think I'd wait for some better for a lower price. Idk my Shield Tablet seems to be getting slow even if I factory reset it. Typing this comment is slow.

  18. Lon, you can download to SD Cards on Android with Netflix too. http://tinyurl.com/zmeqofx

  19. 288th

  20. Can you enable software keys for back, home and multitasking?

  21. 8.4 with this format is the best, I can hold it with one hand :)

  22. Jeremy Tanudtanud

    Have you tried high end headphones on the tablet since it has Harman Kardon in the speakers?

  23. Raleigh Cunningham


  24. hey Lon the YouTube app on Android does have a stats for nerds in the settings in case you did not know

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