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HUGE What I Got For Christmas Haul 2016: Makeup, Clothes, iPhone & More! || BeautyChickee

Hey Chickee! In this video I will be showing you all the things I got for Christmas this year! Make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it & let me …

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  1. Yessss do a review on the make up forever foundation

  2. Shoyah'sCrazy FantasticLife

    Finally got all my gifts so I'll be uploading mine tonight! Great video btw

  3. I want to be rich like u girl

  4. This year all I wanted was makeup. I started saving money because I knew my mom wouldn't get me EVERYTHING obviously duh. I actually didn't get any makeup and I got clothes. But I did get a FREAKING IPHONE 7 so I wasn't even upset about not getting makeup. I paid for the palettes I wanted myself and they're coming in soon😊 it felt nice to pay for makeup myself😊😊

  5. you said"so yeah" 50,0000 times lol

  6. watching 4×4 videos to this YouTube is weird, the best part of this video is you and your eyes beautiful eyes I wish you a Happy New Years

  7. You look so beautiful! Loving the hair colour, it suits you so well :)

  8. SNAP SQUADDDD // jasmineoki // luv ya Christina!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays🎄❄️

  9. you look so much older with your new hair color, love it

  10. Can you do a what's on my iPhone?

  11. Lol is it just fuck with Christina today? Like guys you are seriously making a big fuss out of absolutely nothing.

  12. sooo yeah😂😂❤ love you Girl! xoxo

  13. Omg you look so beautiful in this video 😭

  14. I love these videos so much and the products the companies sent you look sooo good!

  15. do more storytime videos please

  16. #snapsquad I love the jeans you got! They look supper comfy x

  17. her presents are goalzzzzzz

  18. Please do a review on the makeup forever hd foundation😘😘😍

  19. Full face only using E.L.F products as like a challenge or for fun video?

  20. I love you and in so glad that you make these videos. are you still obsessed with Kylie? if so what's your favorite lip kit from here and I came from snap chat! PS I made a what I got for Christmas video

  21. Are you planning on making more merch

  22. Damn your loved

  23. i love the corbyn necklace aw

  24. New drinking game – every time she says so yeah have a drink

  25. I promise I am not hating, but am I the only one that hears "aksed" every time Christina says "asked" ? For example here – 1:53 . Or is that how a lot of people say it? idk sorry

  26. Thank you for recommending Noxcema I'm going to try it out cause I need a new cleanser

  27. Paula Maria Garcia

    Omg so jealous😩💗

  28. Why do companies send you so many things? And what does PR mean? Xxx <3

  29. What camera do you use to film? Could you do a video about how you film and edit your videos please? Xxxx

  30. The bath bomb is called the Lord of Misrule I think 💅🏻

  31. I remember the maybeline box with Corbyn on your Snapchat 😂

  32. Lmao i forgot about you BECAUSE YOUTUBE WONT NOTIFY ME 😒😒

  33. Can someone please give me the direct link to the top she got at Windsor. The long sleeve pink one, with the rhinestones.

  34. #Snapsquad omg ur so pretty ily and ur videos!!!

  35. GOALSSSS!!! Is your family looking to adopt? 😏😂

  36. ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Lol I got the exact pajamas and was wearing them when u watched this video

  38. I actually like it when u say "so yeah" hahaha

  39. TheRealJulietoolie x

    omg I haven't seen you for a long time :(

  40. love the shirt snap squad

  41. "i got….." "finally". so unappreciative

  42. You should do a first impression makeup look with of a lot of that mabelline makeup

  43. bumble and bumble is so good!! I was a hair model for them a few years ago and they were so sweet

  44. Can you please do a review for the Mebelene baby lips colour bomb crayons!?? I love you so much xx

  45. I love how after you said you say so yeah to much you said it after like every thing you showed 😂😂

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