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iMovie on iPhone iOS tutorial

I know what your thinking- “Is he seriously saying that we can get decent results putting together edited pieces from a cellphone?” Well heres a video I shot …

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  1. rgrrabbit78

    Hi. My iMovie on my iPhone doesn't look anything like yours
    L. It does not give me an option to choose a theme for a new movie at the start and when I go into settings and. Jose a theme it doesn't actually get added to the project but when I back out and view all projects it shows as if the theme is added but when viewing he actual project the theme is not there
    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Megan Patricio

    How can you edit a title only on a selected clip or just like 5 seconds? Coz everytime i put a title on the longer clip it tends to stay on that clip until the clip is already done.

  3. Brendalyn Taylor

    Do you know how to do scrolling credits on an iPhone 5c?

  4. Big Papa Ben

    How do I get a video from my iPhone messages to iMovie

  5. Renee LovesGod

    hello,…concerning the text…My text keeps scrolling through the entire movie. how do i shorten it to just the intro..of the clip

  6. Christian GM

    Can you use different songs on the different clips during the video ?

  7. Cooking With A Little Spice

    Wow great info thank you

  8. Hatem Alhajjaj

    How do you cut the trailer

  9. Spencer Badu

    thank you this was really helpful

  10. jackmiller954

    Does anyone know how to sync a separate Audio recording to sync with a video. I have the iPhones and record a video and the other one recording a video but used as a mic. When I' drag the video and turn it into audio I cannot move the audio clip to line up with my video, can somebody please help with me this because I sync my Audio with my video iMovie won't let me drag the Audio clip where it should start thanks.

  11. Jhonny Souza

    about a week ago 😏🎶🎶🎶

  12. ian dubria

    Hi! Please help i want to take all videos from imovie on "video" everytime i take a video it goes to imovie. Thank you.

  13. ZEDNH06

    Is iMovie still free?

  14. Fer Ibi


    I had a quick question, is there a way to avoid imovie making your video smaller? I'll add a portrait video on my iphone and after editing on imovie, it will export it as a small square video. I know I can zoom out and get that portrait video, but it's still smaller than your original video.

    Great Vid


  15. GhOsTLY CuRReNT

    iMovie really needs to update their IOS app and make it more advanced like PC. There hasn't been an update in 6 months

  16. Diego Miranda

    Thank you for the video. Do you happen to know how to manually (anytime I need) make a new audio track, sometimes I can't put depressed audio files on different audio tracks which cancels out L-cuts / layers of sound , etc. these audio edits are musts for what I'm trying to do and I love shooting/editing straight on the phone, but jai audio limitation has be constantly anxious, any help is greatly appreciated.

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