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iMovie Tutorial: How To Use iMovie (App Tutorial) iPhone, iPad, iOS – Tricks, Hacks & Effects

How to use iMovie (App Tutorial) iPhone, iPad, iOS This iMovie Tutorial for 2016 has been timestamped, access the full YouTube description for timestamps and …

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's free for any apple device

  2. How do you screen record your iPad? How do you start the music like half way through the video rather than at the start and then putting the music to mute and then put the music up when you want it to come in? PS that video was very helpful as I have just got a new iPad Air 2 and have use iMovie a lot for my YouTube videos.

  3. Brian G Johnson TV excellent job. Thank you for posting. I was wondering if you could post a video on audio editing. Example; you make video and say something that you did not intend then need to edit it out. How would you accomplish this? Additionally you added audio to your video in the above tutorial but I was wondering if you could show us how to edit the audio so it would not play through the whole video. Thanks you. Subscribed

  4. This is the most informative and entertaining tutorial I have found. Thanks

  5. What are the advances please tell me

  6. Technology Explained

    Do a what's on my device

  7. Can this work for gaming ?

  8. Awesome video! I will have to save when uploading videos.

  9. You now have a new subscriber

  10. I don't have key burns

  11. This really helped me!! Thank you!!

  12. Average Online Shopper

    thanks a lot Brian, your videos are awesome man

  13. Are you a fan of the movie called the Grinch by Jim Carrey ? Lol

  14. Thank you i just download imovie .. :)

  15. can it be used on a Samsung note 3 because I was trying to use the app and it only gave me steps and "tips and tricks"

  16. How do you merge two clips

  17. BlueSapphire Gaming

    You just earned a new subscriber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. BlueSapphire Gaming

    Omg! I didnt know you could move the ken burns picture thank you!!!! It always cuts off my picture when i do it lol

  19. Is it possible to have separate music for each clip? I am trying to sync each clip in my own movie to a beat but on my iphone there's no sound bar. In the previous iMovie you could shorten the music track or move it to a certain point in the song itself to sync but on my iphone 7 it is just a straight shot. I can move it to play only on one particular clip but as far as moving the song on that particular clip in my movie to a specific point in the song, it doesn't seem to work.

  20. This helped me so much

  21. This was such a big help thanks in subbing

  22. Thanks ! This helped me a lot

  23. Thank you!! I had never used iMovie before on the iPad or desktop. So this was helpful. I put together a quick on minute instructional video to use in my school! I used transitions, cuts, delete, titles, and slow motion. Thanks again.

  24. Jonathan Armstrong

    thanks so much, this helped me alot

  25. Will try out the app . Is it possible to film myself doing one thing with my hands then add another video of me talking about what I'm doing to the camera ? Would I need a white background

  26. A great vid Brian 👍😎🇬🇧

  27. This will help Me so much! Thank you Brian I now know what I can do with IMovie

  28. So what other editors do you use? I started using iMovie after watching the first 10 mins of this video a little over a month ago. It has been a tremendous help. I just watched the entire video tonight, and learned about freeze frame, Ken Burns and how to add in picture in picture. I will definitely fiddle around with the app tomorrow and try using all the features! If you haven't yet, I am requesting that you make another video to show other iMovie functions.
    Thanks again Brian!

  29. Thank you Brian! Thank you for teaching people how to succeed there channels!

  30. Dude! you miss the pixie dust! where is it ?

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