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Introducing iPhone 8 | Ultra Thin (2017)

This is the 1st ever technical preview of upcoming iPhone 8 . Yes Not 7, It’s 8. Check out what’s new!! ▻Catch more news/Subscribe us:: http://goo.gl/fSn3Nt …

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  1. So thin you can cut paper with it just amazing too bad you only get five minutes of battery life

  2. One hour of battery life that is so awesome

  3. There is such thing as too thin you know? Ever heard of anorexia? Once they change the battery technology then they can make things this then otherwise it's fucking retarded

  4. so thin, the design is awesome :D

  5. so thin, it will be good for spatula use for my eggs in the morning…

  6. I wish this weren't a lie
    Otherwise it'd be so fucking awesome!!'

  7. ᒪIᖴE ᕼᗩᑕKEᖇ

    Its a lie

  8. neighborhoodboyzzz

    if I had a phone that thin, I would have dropped it way back

  9. I hope you Bing that phone out in 2017

  10. super

  11. New charger?

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