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iOS vs Windows Phone 8 – Facebook App Comparison (Functionality / Features)

This video would compare the Facebook app for windows phone 8 and iOS. Please note that the comparison is valid for current versions only (iOS Version 6.8 …

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  2. this app in current state for windows phone is no more than the s40 app I used to use on my 3110

  3. great review bro i love windos phones

  4. problem with windows 8.1 it doent have video calls

  5. Vindows

  6. @AzriArif you downloaded a fake

  7. also on the news feed feature it doesn't show everything !! this company is no 1. in the word and can't make a proper o.s. for mobile ..i don't understand why /

  8. @dunkleybwoy1 no

  9. 8.1 will not have built in facebook as its tooooo buggy, should have scrapped it a while back if you ask me its terrible, people hub doesn't get half the messages and then when you go to the actual facebook app you about 5 messages!!! Windows really does need a massive shake seriously, How many of your friends own a windows phone?? I only know 2, 1 of them likes it but hates facebook app, the other just hates it full stop. Both say battery is terrible, I agree.
    How many of your friends can't have the latest app because there on windows platform?? I am sick to the back teeth everytime you hear on the radio about a new banking app or swanky new game being advertised and they finish with avail for android and iPhone!! Windows really needs to push to give there users the same as other platforms as people will not accept this for long. Would you want to be the only 1 of your friends not to get the latest app?? Didn't think so… I only say this cause its true, I love Nokia so much as its what a grew up with and I want nothing more than to see them back at the top but if they stick with windows its not going to work unless they work even harder than they are doing now. My personal choice is IOS, its cheesy i know but I'll say it anyway "It just works" and it works perfectly.

  10. I had the 1020 its the worst facebook experience ever!!!

  11. another problem with the FB app in windows phone as follows.When any information that is on the wall of own FB is forwarded/shared,the returned screen does not goes to the same location from the point it were shared,instead,it goes back on top.Then,we need to scroll down n down again to reach the original message which was shared earlier!!It is frustrating.But in IOS,the returned screen goes exactly to the location of the original message on the wall of FB!!

  12. Microsoft FB app shows update data error on my 1020 and it is happened frequently.

  13. Hello TC, im new with WP, and i have certain issues regarding fb,google search and other apps in WP store..for example, fb apps appear to be a free app, but after i downloaded it for few days, i cant use them anymore as they asked me to purchase the apps and the apps i downloaded were just for trial..do i need to buy those apps in order to use them? Those are free on ios and android..please please help me.. :|

  14. awesome comparison.
    love all your videos.
    keep up the good work :)

  15. Thanks alot for making such videos man been searching since a month to get reviews of apps such as fb and youtube you helped me alot to get the 1520 😀 you gained a sub :)

  16. a very good comparsion ,   very comprehensive  , Good!!!!!!

  17. i think MS should improve more in Facebook app for WP8. It's not bad but still miss  some feature as Android OS or iOS . Thanks for this useful video ! 

  18. Nice review! More app comparison please. i have been looking for this for a long time and you do them…thanks

  19. Dinesh Soundarajan

    great video

  20. I'm a windows phone 8 user, but I have to admit it that our Facebook app is nothing close to that gorgeous app on IOS. Wish MS add some effort to improve it.

  21. Awesome video mate

  22. Do a youtube app comparison

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