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iPad Air 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the iPad Air 2 vs the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5 tablet. We will go over everything from processor to size to …

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  1. I like the IPad air 2 better

  2. They made the tablet look even better way better than iPad

  3. hacks and pranks pro

    Apple iPad Air 2 the best

  4. hacks and pranks pro

    air 2

  5. I have a Tab S 8.4" and its really laggy, but I still love it and I'm using it right now!

  6. iPad sucks sooooooo bad. it's against company policy to root your device. hahahhh wtf is that??? Oh and the only reason optimization is easier on Apple is because if it's basic OS and not many devices. Android has tons of devices and optimization on each device is hell for devs to continually update due to hardware, firmware, etc… Trust me a rooted android device will easily smoke a iPad device any day of the week. Most individuals who are not "techy" settles for ipad. Who here is a Kali Linux user????

  7. Samsung is racist

  8. Umm getting ipad air 2 128 gb wifi in 19 says yay

  9. Off course tab s lags more

  10. Samsung is better at tablets but apple phones are better

  11. my samsung galaxy tab s LTE version has an exynos octa core processor not snapdragon..

  12. Ive had both, ipad is easier to use but costs more. Ipad also trades in for more when youre ready to uograde. If you play tablet games get Ipad for the Apple Store.

  13. Marvel's Iron Fist

    samsung devices are a copy of apple devices

  14. ipad is better beacuse you can open two apps desame time aswell

  15. I love Samsung

  16. Michael Land of america production, “greenshirtsteve” Inc

    Haha Samsung failed benchmark stupid Samsung lags like crazy

  17. samsung galaxy tab s is stylish and so fast and ipad is slowand charging problem

  18. Samsung is better

  19. I prefer Samsung Galaxy Tab E

  20. ipad air 2 and ipad mini 4 are same but I like mini 4

  21. Jose Carlos Esguerra

    samsung sucks

  22. samsung❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍

  23. Samsung Galaxy has this thing called black screen. Google it. I got one and had it for less than a week and all of a sudden the screen went black. This is something not mentioned in this review but a very real problem with this Samsung model. So this is why I took it back. It does not go away. It just progressively gets worse. Other than that I researched everything and chose the Samsung. But am gonna go with an ipad now.

  24. can i take thesd card out of my drone and insert into s10 to watch vidio

  25. iOS 9 has multitasking

  26. i prefer ipad air 2 because its design and fast and not laggy but i love samsung tab s because of the camera as always samsung always won on camera 🙂 i love this video 🙂 next month im gonna have my ipad 🙂 wish me the best :)

  27. Samsung sucks

  28. which camera is better ?

  29. apples ipad is better

  30. Shaina Ellaine Pueblas Panopio

    I hate Samsung 😡

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