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iPhone 5S iOS 10.2.1 Review!

iPhone 5S iOS 10.2.1 Review! iOS 10.2.1 for iPhone 5S brings minor updates to crash bugs, and exploitation’s that would allow hackers to take over your device, …

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  2. Affu Mohammed

    How many hours it took to update the iPhone to iOS 10.2.1???

  3. OylerMBox

    I updated 5S from 9.3.5 to 10.2.1 and no longer connects as 4G lte, it only stands on 3G, i prompted different 4G sim cards and same issue with a co-worker so do not update

  4. Inaam Muaz

    Is the Touch ID still working

  5. KingShoter007

    The reason iOS 10 is slower is because it is a newer major release of iOS. It was tested and optimized for the iPhone 7/7+ and A10 devices, NOT a 3 year old iPhone. It won't get any faster with newer releases, only slower.

    Do a iTunes restore before these videos, as OTA updates will slow the device down.

  6. saurabh nimbalkar

    Gd one

  7. Racineur R.

    Hello Nick. It's my first time posting to your channel. You're doing a great great job with your videos. Appreciate the fact that you're using words I can understand since I'm not a tech guru. About the 5S. I have one. My first iPhone ever. Before, I was on the other side…Android. Not so much to say against the green though. My 5S fulfills my needs. Since I'm way far from a smartphone power user, it's the best for me for browsing, emailing, reading my news apps (all but News app from Apple. I'm in Canada). No social networking, no zillion pictures taken. I'm most concerned about battery life. I must say the 5S is not the best in this department. So what would be the true benefits for me to upgrade to 10.2 and what about the infamous 30% battery bug? Is it there? I am satisfied with 9.3.5 but I understand too the security concerns. Why upgrading is causing such high level of anxiety…?

  8. deep 141

    Fuckin vedio u are laier 10.2.1update is 875mB

  9. TDNomad

    On my 5s since updating my battery life has decreased a noticeable amount. I have to leave it on low power mode to make it last (& then some). This is the 1st ios update that caused a battery life issue for me.

  10. chirag soni

    I also want to update my iphone 5s 64 gb to ios 10.2.1…everytime i update it completes downloading and at the time of "preparing update " everytime i get this error and update fails …had tried 50 times …plz help how to update

  11. harricat2500

    you can't jailbreak on 10.2.1 so that's why i stayed on 10.2

  12. Monique Berry

    How do you have all those apps? I can barely get 20 apps on my phone 😦

  13. Daniyal Memon

    please give away this phone to me please I have an iPhone 4 which has iOS 7 and even is not able to run YouTube it's a request please sir Nick ackerman

  14. haroon khan

    I like your lets gooooo
    don't change it

  15. Matthew Lemmers

    Performance looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 7 really. I have been seeing the same lag I used to see even with the new fusion core processor they supposedly have with these new phones. Performance is better with certain things though, just animation lag is apparently going to always be a thing within iOS

  16. Palash Jain

    I watched your video but you have not shown any of the real bugs. The bugs are still there which apple has not fixed it in this update. One of the bug is – Change the date to first possible date and restart your iphine, Yes, you should remove automatic time and date. Just see what happens when you restart it. There are many other bugs like these.
    I would like you to make a video showing on your iphone about it.

  17. Zachary Courtois

    3 Years old Phone still bether looking than my 7 plus

  18. Duartk04

    One month ago i updated my iphone 5s from ios 9.3.2 to 10.2, and i regret it, each major update will make the phone slower because of the new features, and considering this is already a 3 year old device, i will never update it ever again, even knowing the 5s will go till ios 11.

  19. Bflo23

    I just downloaded iOS 10.2.1 from 10.2 on both my iphone 5s and 6. My installation took only 6% of the battery to fully install but my iPhone 5s is only a couple months old so the battery is really strong. Hopefully the battery life remains the same or improves with the new update. I can't really tell the difference from 10.2 or 10.2.1 but I guess with the bug and security fixes, it is worth to upgrade.

  20. mareesan ad

    hy nick Ackerman can u help me

  21. Himanshu Doley

    Please do snapdragon 821 vs A9 chip (iPhone SE)

  22. Blasphermour Sieg

    its more stable & buttery smooth on my 5s

  23. N.Krishna kanth

    Hi there I have one simple question. Is it right to buy iPhone 5s now or should I go for some other phone in that price tag?

  24. Георгий Талантов

    Now there is a iOS 9.3.5 on iPhone 5s. Should I upgrade to 10.2.1?

  25. Shanaia Alvarez

    Hi Nick. How much the iphone 5s ?

  26. Ah xoxo

    I have issues installing the update . The iPhone says "error while install the update " anyone know what's the problem .

  27. Alberto Santiago

    I have an SE


    Hey man can u please do a review on iPads for iOS 10.2.1 to see whether we should update on them. Thankyou 😉

  29. What Zeet Tooya

    the major from the iPhone is the screen resolution. Thats why i still love them!

  30. rocktheworldas1 anonymous

    Hi..nick. Can u help me my 5s is getting slow everytime i update the software😞 and everytime i used YouTube always no connection even if my signal is good? Sorry for bad English. Help me what should i do nick😟

  31. rosdi008

    Nick i really like the way you handle your youtube channel. Your video channel greatly help ios users👍

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