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iPhone 6S VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Comparison!

How Does iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Compare? Camera, Speed Test, Battery & Features Review. Which Is Better? Which Should You Buy?

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  1. Imperia Faith 13 Vlogs

    the phone I have vs. the phone I want

  2. My mom has the 6s she's gonna get the 7 so she's gonna give her 6s to me!

  3. Thedeathlyminer MLG MASTER

    iPhone is way better

  4. The 6s doesn't have 8 MP camera.It has 12 MP!!!

  5. Dark Shadows Reviews

    I'm a Samsung person I hate apple from experience it's just be me

  6. How do you delete apps with 3D Touch getting in the way

  7. The iPhone obviously has better speakers they are sponsored by beats.

  8. the youtuber no one no one knows

    If I trick you you have to subscribe to me

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  9. iPhone 6s is the best phone

  10. Love the smoke in the bkround

  11. iphone 6s has 12 mp camera

  12. 6s better

  13. who would win in a fist fight tho?

  14. We get it, you vape

  15. 6s brownie points:
    – dat rose gold
    – metal
    – not bendy (is bendy even a word?)
    – that nice screen size
    S6 Edge brownie points:
    – looks so nice
    – better camera
    – edge screen
    – nice color choices
    6s negative points:
    – darker screen
    – darker photos
    S6 Edge negative points:
    – slower than the 6s

  16. Fingerprint got both to the home screen at literally the same speed..

  17. Samsung is better

  18. lmao why is the shitsung making pulse like streaks across the display? Simply Garbage.

  19. had no problems with the s6 edge ever since i smashed my phone cracked screen… and the lcd wasent showing any display…. so i went to dr mobiles to get it fixed… and he told me it was 450$ to fix… i was like wtf…. so i talked him down to almost 420$ was the best i could do.. i set up a weekly payment of 100$ untill its all paid off… finally got my fone back after 4weeks of paying it off.. i was so exicited wen i got my fone back only to know they fucked it up more… finger print sensor doswnt work. charging port dosen't work.. but only works with wireless chargin.. and now i have so much problems with this fone im over it…

  20. I can't wait to get my 6s I've had the s6 for about a year now and just haven't been that impressed with it

  21. The read striker 11135

    the s6 has a weird screen

  22. Rofl s6 is not worse In lower light

  23. team galaxy

  24. Nicholas cluck Liljestrand

    Just let apple do thare thing on the phones no offense.

  25. iphone6 or 6s is poor battery life. i hate it😒

  26. +everythingapplepro the iPhone 6s has a 12mp camera not 8mp😂

  27. Switching to iPhone!

  28. the s6 have the power saving mode on haha nice try isheep

  29. Im thinking one of these two phones for my mother. Cant decide, iphone is good for about everything exept that low resolution screen. It doesnt have the oomph factor the s6 edge's screen has. Plus sizewise its a bit smaller for modern day. But still cant decide. I wonder if samsung could hold its speed and fluidness after 2 years as its a classical android device, while im sure 6s would still be quite good few years later. Any suggestions?

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