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iPhone 7 Plus review

The iPhone 7 Plus is a modest update, but one that does enough to still excite. The 7 Plus is the most expensive iPhone ever. So is it a price worth paying, or are …

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  1. niyaz Khan

    Just bought iphone7plus today

  2. Tom Colquhoun

    0:02 sponsored by EE….. the phone is on 3 network HAHAHA

  3. Amyy

    Still have a 5c and got iOS 10

  4. Bob Thecarrot

    I'm still on the 5, not the 5c or the 5s just the iPhone 5, had it for ages really want an upgrade :/

  5. Theost21

    lol apple peeps are so nice in this comment section, it's nothing like andorid based device – reviews. Lol

  6. Figure Blueprint

    good review bro. question would it be the first phone you purchase and if not what would you choose?

  7. Shane Horne

    you talk a lode of shit

  8. Shane Horne

    quick charging makes the battery weaker over time

  9. Shane Horne

    who needs a quad HD screen is got the iPhone7 and the s7 and can't tell the difference

  10. Shane Horne

    mate the bass is powerful you need an hearing aid

  11. Sandra Jensen

    washed out color on the camera??? try taking a pictures of someone who is pure white pale skin!

  12. Gusta Vo

    British accent so annoying

  13. LUQY4LYF

    hi @TechRadar wanted rto ask what would you prefer the s7 edge or iphone 7 plus?

  14. EvoWarrior5 Minecraft

    I'm getting one soon.

  15. Keisha Gordon

    Nice impartial review

  16. Syazrin Mohd Noor

    Not trying to sound like an apple fan here cause I'm not but I really don't see what's so controversial about not having a headphone jack when apple provides an adapter to it. For pre iPhone 7 users or in fact anyone with 3.5mm headphones could just plug in using that adapter.

    Personally I don't charge my phone while using the headphones so if I were to buy an iPhone then I don't see the big deal in this. Unless apple wants to charge its customers for the adapter or if there's no way to connect our headphones to the device except the ones given in the package, THEN THATS CONTROVERSIAL.

    Just my opinion.

  17. Ronah Morgan

    am i the only one experiencing that everytime i play a video from facebook i can fee the back slightly vibrating.

  18. OutdoorLifeFamily

    Couldn't last 20 seconds into this video. The man looks like an unshaven slob who couldn't be bothered to dress properly. And he sounds like a drunk, word-slurring retard with a mouthful of saliva.

  19. stiigern

    Currently using iphone 6. Have been waiting for the iPhone 7. Well not any more it seems! No heaphone jack!?!?!?! That is the feature i use the most of everything i use the phone for. Im a truckdriver, i dont have bluetooth in my 2016 truck, not for music anyway. I want a new iPhone but apple is forcing me to go android. Outdated feature my ASS!!! Like everyone in the entire fucking world uses that fucking little hole in the bottom of their phones!!! And for what you might ask? Well the answer is money. apple make a shitload off money by removing this beloved feature, just google how much money the make by this. Currage and thinking ahead is all lies. That really is the worst part, they are fucking lying to us!!! I'm surtenly not going to pay 800 dollars for a phone witn no Audiojack!! Do you expect me to use an adapter for an adapter to have it function like other phones?? Hell no!! Just hell no!

  20. Ben Adamson (DXB2020)

    Please stop with the screen resolution. I have a 7 Plus and I can't get my eyes to focus on the screen when I hold it close enough to see the pixels. Text is smooth and sharp, as are shapes, icons etc. The Android market uses specs to sell, but Apple recognise that if you can't actually see or feel the benefit of a particular enhancement, all it does is weighs the battery and the processor down. You do not need a QHD display on a device that size – you cannot see the difference. I'm getting really bored of tech vloggers, bloggers, journalists, hacks banging on about how iPhone lags behind Android devices in terms of specs. People with no understanding of the technology repeat it, parrot fashion, in an attempt to appear knowledgeable, but it's meaningless. The iPhone excels when it comes to the UX and that is all that matters.

  21. OXOCUBE54321

    sounds shite doesn't it

  22. Wes Murrell

    Get rid of the big ass bezels…

  23. Shivam Naruka

    The Samsung's colours are over saturated while the iPhone's are true to life…yeah if you like inaccurate colours go for the Samsung.

  24. James mosley

    Thanks for the review, what is the make of stand you use in this review thanks

  25. Van O'Grady


  26. DrPorum

    I need some help: I cant decide between whether to get a matte black iPhone 7 or just to get an iPhone 6s Plus can people tell me what they would get and why please!!

  27. Oliver Wolf

    Getting one today

  28. datchet11

    Looks crap

  29. jsig191145acp

    Where did you get that phone stand?

  30. ROET

    if you buy this crapp.
    how do you know the cia arent listning to all you say?
    its an american phone you know?

  31. ROET

    does it explode ?

  32. ROET

    american shit😣

  33. FuckIlluminate

    I like to play games so I'm choosing between iPhone 7 plus and Samsung Galaxy edge 7, which one? But also battery wise which, one would hold out longer?

  34. Jojo obst

    ,,,steve jobs is turning in his grave. tim cooke and his team aren't doing a good job with iPhone. iPhone design and features are getting stagnant. its high time they leap into the future with marvelous aesthetics and features, instead of still hanging onto this old stuff and just adding one or two features to the same old same old iPhone. the only change is with the numerics; 6, 6plus, 7 and 7plus, come on tim.

  35. Day Cupcake

    Is the 7 plus better than the 6s plus?

  36. okazizi

    Google Pixel is out i want a comparation right now !!!

  37. ErwinIgnacio

    except its 3 weeks too late

  38. Diego Miranda

    I got to wait for my one until November 😔

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