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iPhone 7 Review: 4 Months Later!

Thoughts on Apple’s latest flagship smartphone! Marble iPhone skin: https://dbrand.com/iphone-skins First iPhone 7 Impressions: https://youtu.be/uVRcbo9_OdA …

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  1. Stratos Designs HD

    I saw MKBHD in an ad on his own video

  2. iPhone has the best vibration motor, period. Ladies.

  3. how much did apple pay you?

  4. It's always so funny to see how much haters iPhones get. I have both phones S7 and iPhone 7 and I can honestly tell you the iPhone 7 is hands down WAY smoother. As far as being able to do more, I can do more with my S7 (obviously we should all know by now how restrictive iOS is), but when it comes to using my phone for what I do most (messaging, playing music, social media) no other phone does it better than my iPhone. I can load it with over 150 Apps and 30GB worth of photos and videos and it still doesn't crash on me or freeze. I only have about 60 total apps on the S7 and about 20GB of photos and videos, and the phone tends to freeze or crash on me every now and then. Just for anyone wondering where you really start to see the difference in these machines. I work as a sales associate selling the latest smartphones on the daily basis so I have tons of experience with virtually every phone you can think of (yes, that also includes flip phones, haha). But yeah, if you don't plan to overload the phone and want the most out of customizing and getting a lot of free stuff (free music, easier access to APK files, stream free movies), S7 is the way to go. If you plan on using your phone primarily for social media, messaging (iMessage is impeccable), Music (Apple Music is awesome), and other basic needs, then iPhone is the way to go. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, I'm just sharing mine based on my experience with both sides of the spectrum.

  5. LG mac display commercial is awesome

  6. Casey Neistat cameo at 3:57 OMGGGG


    pls make the wireless video

  8. Awesome video. Review the HTC Ultra next! ★

  9. The amount of echo in the new studio, it's horrible.
    Also, where was this video shortly after the iPhone's launch?? I'm used to MKBHD being on top of his game, what happened??

  10. 4 months later, still no headphone jack.

  11. Please review iphone 5s and Galaxy s7 edge camera compare in 2017 . I just wanted to see their camera quality like slow mo, lowlight, video stabilisation etc. Thank you. Hope you'll upload this video soon.

  12. I hear that J Cole instrumental

  13. Dude, a couple equals 2.

  14. i like that jacket you're wearing, where to get em?

  15. I'm confused, which one should i pick? iPhone 6s 128GB or iPhone 7 32GB?

  16. Man I love my 7+

  17. Sick vid Marques

  18. Didn't apple include an adapter for 3.5mm? Just keep that on the end of you headphones, whats the big deal?!

  19. "Wireless Phone Thing" video – YES

  20. Android Masterrace

  21. i have a good question im kinda debating should i get the iphone 7 or should i get the google pixel

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