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iPhone 8 Will Look Amazing!

NEW iPhone 8 Rumors & Leaks! Stainless Steel Body, Sexy Design Concept, IP68 Water Resistance & Rumor Roundup With Sources! Samsung Galaxy S8 …

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  1. If it doesn't have a headphone jack…
    I'm not getting it because i need one

  2. iphone 7 doesnt have audio jack …now iphone 8 will not have charging port, ..so that people cant fuck it up

  3. This phone looks like htc

  4. You call that amazing?

  5. I wonder if there any information on the new Ipad?

  6. Damn I thought that was a android 😐🙄🤤

  7. Пётр Костенко

    I hope it willl look like this!!!

  8. please, I know it most likely won't be there, have a headphone jack

  9. Cortana is better than Siri

  10. maverick martinez

    i really like the design of iphone8 with a pink wallpaper.

  11. Eventually they're going to remove the whole phone

  12. Why can't they just make a headphone jack version & let us choose

  13. Looks ok but ain't gonna happen

  14. How will cases with be made

  15. you mean awful

  16. if that is the real iPhone 8 wow that is fake because it doesn't really look like an iPhone anymore

  17. reminds me of the 4s.. my favorite iphone :)

  18. Hey everything apple pro have you heard anything about iphone 7's not connecting to wireless networks cause mine did that today. Lucky that it was under warranty verizon sending me a new one

  19. Akeem “shanghai” Scott

    i really like your work toward the apple community i like how you mix it up sometimes with apple and samsung

  20. are there going to be new airpods

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