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iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s Speed Test Comparison

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  1. Se have a9 chip and 5s have a7 chip dumbasses just hardware change

  2. Thank u ..u really explained very well. Im planning to buy se 32gb. Thnx fr grt tips.

  3. Theres barely any deal breaking differences and he's carrying on like the se is a fucking god phone

  4. I like this faggot.

  5. nagano “k” 長い坂の

    It's good review!

  6. that small change isnt worth paying 100 more dollars

  7. you can tell he defietely prefers the iPhone SE

  8. Am I the only one who has a IPhone 5s?

  9. I used to have the 5s but I switched to the SE.

  10. Bruh they both are the same

  11. It's the fucking same device you fucking iDiots…

  12. Wow 1 second and on some test he was wrong he clicked on the tabs faster on the SE

  13. The 5se is a nice phone and all but why waste so much extra money to spare a few seconds on waiting. Tbh the only real time difference was in turning the phones on. I'm perfectly happy with my 5s

  14. apapasepesap aspeaspeaspespa

    Uuu… Defi…

  15. This guy gets so excited with his "no question the SE is soooo much faster" or "definitely has an advantage", when you can see that the 5 loads like, what, 0.2 ms slower? Is he for real?


    it can't be at all!
    I phone 5s has better speed than se ! your 5s would be Old ! !!!

  17. RFV- Random Funny Videos!

    The SE is just faster. That's literally the only difference. But why would it be $200 for the same thing, when it's probably just your internet.

  18. mos def

  19. Going from 4s to SE

  20. wow, 1 second faster?? who the fuck wants to wait 1 SECOND? what a waste of time. soo getting the SE!!11!

  21. Th3b0rnb0y DOES STUFF

    He said 6s fail

  22. Wow! Less that a second faster! Here's my $600! Sign me up! Apple sheep

  23. on the apps you let go of the SE sooner

  24. The new IOS update to 10.1.1 is all you need the hardware in both phones are the same!

  25. no question 😣😣 fucking stupid

  26. knowledge

  27. I want a iPhone se for christmas

  28. Definitely

  29. iphone 5s is fast when you close but iphone se fast when yo open=

  30. no reason to upgrade, gonna hold out until the iphone 8 lmao

  31. Mariajose Mendivil

    There are the same size ?????

  32. 4:05 Did he Say 6S?

  33. they work the fuckin same 😂 just because the. SE is 2 seconds faster dont mean nothin😂

  34. I am planning on selling my 5 to buy a SE and I need some advise if o should

  35. i new the iPhone SE was going to win ya !!!!!!!

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