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Is a $50 Smartphone Worth It?

For $50 it’s hard to argue with the Moto E and Lumia 635.
Moto E: http://amzn.to/229pvkZ
Lumia 635: http://amzn.to/1ReM6Bf
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With so much focus on high end smartphones I wanted to find out what you can get for a tenth of the price. With the Microsoft Lumia 635 and Motorola Moto E 2nd Generation you can get a surprisingly decent smartphone with a five megapixel camera, solid build quality and totally adequate performance.

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  1. RJHGamingYT -FreeAndroidGamer

    Both Devices Are Capable For Backup Devices.☺️

  2. The sound of Austin voice makes me want to kill a baby loll jk I love Austin

  3. We see a Windows phone in it's natural habitat be careful it can be hostile due to not being liked

  4. Aleks Paradowski

    Moto e is look soooooo ugly

  5. officerSky Gaming

    Just get a lg fiesta they are bigger and better at the samd price

  6. So I had that Nokia
    It was great except for the App Store

  7. I've had the moto E for 3 years. It has a great endurance. It can survive a fall from the stairs for many times.

  8. I had that lumia but in orange collor

  9. I used to own both of those and the moto stinks.

  10. Gotta leave that 9 to 5

    I want a Moto E

  11. Thanakiad Soithong

    sad windows phone 8.1

  12. Krysyofer k. biernacki

    where the hell do you get a nokia for 50 dollars

  13. my sister has lumia 635 yellow mtt edition and its wifi connector stopped working , but atleast it calls it costed 20$

  14. I mean, if you're in this budget of a phone, you might as well just go to a dollar general and pick up the Moto g4 play, it's a prepaid phone, but I'd you don't turn it on before you put your own sd card in it won't charge you. It has more storage, a slightly worse resolution at 720, better hardware, and it works like a charm, I'd still prefer the Moto z play, but since that's broken thita fits the bill well

  15. to get a good deal buy a phone that used to be a flaghship 2 or 3 years ago lgg4 is 60$ And WAS 600$ At Launch It Has Dropped Dramaticaly

  16. Sreenivasulu Pogonil

    Is Austin Worth it

  17. I'd rather buy a gameboy with that money and save for a better smartphone

  18. advice: never buy a phone with non removable battery or you will regret it like I did

  19. Do you know da wae

    My phone is somewhere around 60-75 dollars worth and its awesome i think its totally worth it👍! If your wonder what phone it is..its a LG tribute HD smartphone☺


    please try the microsoft lumia nokia 535 with windows 10

  21. Chogiwatermelon

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 and it works really well, honestly. It was also $50

  22. I can’t believe I’m saying this. The windows phone actually looks good.

  23. AYE HE LISTENS TO MONSTERCAT (or did you just get that shirt cus it looks cool now guess what you should listen to monstercat now act like i didnt put brackets to make it like i was whispering that to you and ik that cus of your shirt e.e) yeah i listen to monstercat too!

  24. Can you do a giveaway of those cheep phones pls :'(

  25. I am watching this on a moto e 😀

  26. Definitely moto

  27. Is it just me or does Austin and mattshea look like brothers?

  28. The Moto E was one of my favorite phones of all time. Sadly one of the major downsides is I kept calling 911 accidentally when it shifted around in my pocket!!!

  29. Try Lumia 930 XL vs moto e4 second gen


  31. can you do the htc one m7 or m8 they are under £70

  32. The phones you have in this vid I had before

  33. totally not watching on a moto e2

  34. Wow, the Motorola link is $100 now for some reason

  35. Facetedpick6 gaming

    I've been using Android since it was released since android 1.0

  36. I have a 50$ samsung phone. Uts rlly good if u root it and get a memory card. I have Samsung on5

  37. Nice monster cat t shirt

  38. im actually astonished, we live in an age where a homeless man can easily get a solid smartphone for 20$ really crazy to me actually

  39. I miss windows phone. 🙁

  40. These phones go for like 10-30euros used depends on the condition

  41. "starts saving*

  42. i would take the LUMIA just casue old nokia 🙂 and yes the app store is SHIT but i enjoyed using an older one for almost a year until i dropped a 20kg box on it (oops) it survived it too. until i decided to make my own battery bank( with some HUGE batteries i found at school) well i managed to burn the charging circuit but it still worked until the battery ran out :/. still i might repair it someday and use one of my favourite smartphones ever. also too bad i had bought the i7 when the nokias made a comeback 🙁

  43. I like windows phone. I have a lumia 640 LTE.

  44. GottaSweepDatVBucks

    Lol my dad uses the moto e as his daily driver

  45. My Android still on lollipop

  46. theC-LOS factor

    I miss my Windows Phone 😭😭😭

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