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Lasers vs. iPad 3!

Watch as a wall of burning lasers takes on the iPad3. Then the wicked lasers Flash Torch followed by the Solar Death Ray finish it off! Boom…sizzle!
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  1. What's the black thing on the iPad or I'm the iPad

  2. Those iPads are the worst in the market

  3. That iPad doesn't deserve it. So why you burn the iPad 3?

  4. Why you do that to a fully Good iPad 3?

  5. Hey kip where did you get the music from?

  6. Slither.io with drehu brine

    ipad 3 is very old

  7. Its like watching transformers.

  8. Never found this music anywhere

  9. خولة khawla محبة الإنشاد


  10. You are lucky it didn't explode

  11. 0:35 What's that music?

  12. Siri tried to read on wikipedia on how to become indestructible like nokia 3310

  13. it coocked it coocked

  14. UsefulCrown27 Connell

    I watched this at least 8 times

  15. a bit stupid to destry a ipad i say -___- rebuild a better isntead of laser it to coal >_<

  16. Theodoros Nicolaou

    I remember watching this video when it came out.

  17. UsefulCrown27 Connell

    I'm talking bout a laser not an iPad :3

  18. UsefulCrown27 Connell

    look at can you give me one please… I swear I Will appreciate it… I will tell all my friends to subscribe if u do

  19. Give me one 😨😪


  21. WHYYYY, it's so sad☹️ it's not fun to watch at all, think if the effort that people did to make this and then you just burn it?!!! Does that sound right to you? It shouldn't. Nothing was wrong with the iPad. It didn't deserve it.

  22. just wasted an ipad

  23. I hate pointless destruction of expensive things especially new.

  24. burn bitch burn

  25. yeah XD

  26. MagicMinecraftStyle

    8 blue 8 green

    18 lasers?😂

  27. Really good job destroying the I pad 3!!!!!

  28. 8+8 is 16 not 18 lol.

  29. boom!!!

  30. the music is bad ass, where did you get it?


  32. When you shows the iPad to your friend…
    Friend : Dude what happened to your iPad?
    You : I shot it with laser
    Friend : Oh…… :l
    Friend walks away
    You : Dude? Where are you going? Duuuude?

  33. @Techrax Techrax should do something like this

  34. music pls

  35. #R.I.P.i.P.

  36. Anyone here from instagram scammers?

  37. Does it work?

  38. Pizza Tossingpro55



  39. wahhhhh! what a waste I was watching this on my tablet and as you know iPads and tablets are similar and it turned off as soon as the torch was put on

  40. Can someone tell me what's the music please?!!!

  41. Secret portal LOL

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