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Lumia 950 XL Review: Strictly a Windows Phone

In this video we review the Lumia 950XL, which packs everything you expect for a traditional high-end smartphone and Lumia 950XL: http://goo.gl/QFd282 …

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  1. @Shobhit Sadwal but he didn't say WP was awesome?

  2. I have really grown interest in the windows platform and the 950 xl seems very appealing!
    Would you recommend me switching my galaxy s6 edge plus in for the 950 xl?

  3. thank you for reviewing the lumia 950 XL . please create a battle vid between the lumia 950 XL and 950

  4. ok ….. so i am not gonna hide the truth about windows phone…


    1)realistic animations
    2)carl zeiss camera
    3)bunch of apps for photography
    4) fluidity
    5)integration and apps switching


    1) lack of official apps(soundcloud ,youtube etc)
    2)apps in beta mode
    3)irresponsive sometimes(actually for win 10)
    5)known for only its camera
    6)not enough customisable
    7)where is applock(and this is a serious point)
    8)not everything can be downloaded from internetexplorer
    9)lack of apps lack of apps lack of apps

    windows phone is good but it actually requires lot of improvement and seriously the points i have mentioned are in common with every wp user , so please stop lying to yourself that wp is awesome and blah blah.

  5. Those were some exceptionally fine photographs and the video wasn't too shabby either. Get yourself a goose down parka for those frigid rooftop reviews…Nice work. :)

  6. OOO I wish I had the money XD

  7. man yo hands ashy bro put some lotion on

  8. I think they should just work with android like BlackBerry and they be back in business. I like Windows mobile but there apps are not in place

  9. Andres Gran Torino

    they should just give them for free since most people dont pay attention. i would really want one for free

  10. I want to pick this phone up. The lack of apps doesn't bother me. It has most of the apps that I need and for what it doesn't have I've got a couple of old androids lying around that I can use. I do like the platform though, had a 640 since September. Running the insider preview since November. It's my first ever windows phone and I just like the fact that it's different.

  11. Mow Better Lawn Service

    I bet you enjoyed using the lumia 830 better than this.

  12. it's a shame there aren't more. and that the platform isn't being utilized as much as it should be. we really need a third 3rd choice.

  13. I love windows phone, wish it were a little lower in price. I will definitely get it though. dont care what people think about windows phone, for me I cant use anything else.

  14. RIP windows Mobile and Nokia

  15. $650 dollars for A phone that lacks a Design for the Price and a Platform that still has App Store problems? Microsoft Should've Priced this a bit more competitive.

  16. Since it's not carried by any carrier and it is priced at $649, I won't be buying it. May get the 950, but I am seriously thinking of abandoning Windows Phone. I've used Windows Phone since 7 and am tired of the wait until x… wait until y… wait until z…

    I think this just may be a case of MS being too late to the game.

  17. Default camera app is buggy in focussing. I liked older Lumia Camera App on my 1020.

  18. the video on the lumia is sooo shaky… not worth the price.

  19. $649??? theses phone companies are losing it.

  20. I need to know last I had Lumia 920 and I am a big Lumia fan but at d same time I luv apps & games so this mobile can make up to d mark to me ..!! Pls Help

  21. i love mine personally

  22. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  23. The phone was released wayy to early. It requires an update for it to actually run well

  24. Imperator Augustus


  25. Plastic, buggy, garbage.

  26. I honestly do not like windows phones,I had one and vowed never to purchase another one ever in life

  27. great review.

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