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Lytro Light Field Camera Hands-on Review

In this video, we take a look at Lytro’s interesting Light Field Camera that features a key bit of technology that lets you refocus after the shot has been taken.

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  1. his voice doesnt fit with his face

  2. >"Cameras haven't changed in 100 years"
    > walks around with a dildo the whole time
    > doesn't even review the camera, just talks about the box
    > "it's amazing, well, not very amazing"

    WTF kind of camera review is this?

  3. Lol, least ergonomic camera ever. Also shittiest. This sounds like a paid review.

  4. Even people here in Canada are watching you.
    Do a review on there newest one please!

  5. theres like no quality

  6. but its shit though…

  7. I don't know you can do that 9:38
    how ?

  8. 6:34 People stay on line to Hermes!!!!!

  9. is that a blouse ?

  10. My Lumia 1020 can do this with software lol

  11. its a Giant Lipstick !!!! :P

  12. LMAO.. "Now what's this going to look like?…it's all 3 of us in here?…" I died laughing!!

  13. For 12 minutes straight it was compared to a dildo. What a hack job. NO REVIEWS WERE ACTUALLY MADE DURING THIS VIDEO. #fail Try again DigitalRevTV

  14. it's very good thing as device with refocus, you can picture something what you love to pleasure with torch, and don't worry about focus, EVERYTHING IN FOCUS!
    Add some vibro to it, and it will be much better than vibro-camera from xiaomigopro tests!

  15. Fucking shit quality

  16. ace

  17. XxxPhase360NoScopexxX Xxx420BlazeItxxXPS4ClanTVHD

    new tec for cctv cameras?

  18. thelongslowgoodbye

    The image quality kind of looks like a webcam from about 4 or 5 years ago.

  19. Lumia Refocus app on windows phone 🙂 Microsoft may has changed the name.

  20. nice camera
    i like that focusing after taking photo
    it makes take photos easy on field

  21. Does it have a micro SD card slot?

  22. wtf is wrong with liberals?

  23. Virtually useless video unless you want to listen to a lot of potty humor. There was almost no information as to how to use it.

  24. Anthropos Anthropos

    Super unimpressed with this 'camera'. The ads make it look way better, it really looks like a shitty quality cell phone pic from the early 2000's. The refocusing feature doesn't seem to work unless you're doing macro shots and even then, all it will refocus on is the thing in front.

  25. This guy is a pretentious bore, please don't make anymore videos!

  26. i didnt expect that voice

  27. I laughed a lot when watching this video…that's a good thing, I guess.

    One thing, though.  Some of those guys were familiar enough with technology to know what it was or who you were.  Better to ask an older person or a person that at least doesn't have a professional-level camera.

  28. The host is a pain in the ass…. he destroyed the product when he is the looser here

  29. This is literally just a toy.

  30. Introduced almost 3 1/2 years ago, MSRP $399.00 (U.S.D.). Today (end of October, 2015) you can get it for 69 bucks brand new, from the U.S. best known brick and mortar as well as online camera retailers. 'Nuff said.

  31. the fack is this?
    the fack is that?
    the fack I just watched?

  32. I can't tell if that was supposed to be a really bad pun at 0:18.

  33. The newer Lytro Illum is way better, and highly professional.

  34. Would be better with less shtick.  Get to the features, will ya?

  35. This guy REALLY wants people to say the word "dildo".

  36. stuped idiot

  37. The photos look like utter shit though. Why would you not start with photo quality and then design the camera around that?

  38. Asians with British accents are funny.

  39. A truly useless video & waste of time. 

  40. 10:22 tech"lol"ogy?

  41. Does Kai dodge a ghost at 4:06?

  42. Pathetic

  43. do a review of the new lytro illlum… please..

  44. official all fucking asians are hentai

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