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Magical Handheld Fireballs!

Watch this Age-Restricted video here: http://kipkay.com/video/magical-handheld-fireballs/

Ball of fire! Make fireballs you can hold with household items! They are fun to play with! Amaze your friends! Learn how magicians do it!
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These Fireballs are fun to make and use, but like all fire projects, use proper safety precautions and common sense. Parental guidance suggested.

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  1. DEACON685

    How is this age restricted. Nothing was violent

  2. Sergej Nadazdin

    age restricted?

  3. HDM Family

    The way the guy speaks its like he is talking to kids and also, age restricted

  4. theroyalmagician

    can you make these tennisball size?

  5. IFallGamer

    Lol I need it for my protect to many dangerous people in earth then I need someone to help me and my finally to have some power to save our self

  6. Amateur Designs

    Age restricted loll its fire

  7. Memeo

    Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)

    dude its fire…

  8. Amy rose

    good shit

  9. Kev Dog

    should you let it char and then pick it up?

  10. Papa_Smjördeig

    why is this age restricted?

  11. Nath Hayes

    You can hold my fireballs

  12. Wombo_Combo17

    I got a bad burn

  13. Doge 57

    Works better with 70% isopropyl alcohol because it burns at a lower temperature. Also it's easier to use a cotton ball and you won't have to ruin a shirt

  14. Reynaldo Cuadra

    you haters are bitches mother fuckers deel wheth me.

  15. Kate Varty

    Can you do another laser vidio.

  16. Dakota Johnson

    Use gas

  17. Hyron Harrison

    Everything changed…when the fire nation attacked…

  18. Demetris panayi

    Won't you burn

  19. Carson Akin

    Can you add more fuel and reuse them?

  20. anima 09

    Year how long have you

  21. anima 09

    I just wanted to see you.

  22. anima 09

    No problem

  23. Teresa Clabo

    ummm A.N.T its not age restricted

  24. Dave Hale

    Or you can put gas on your hands and light it.

  25. Jayceawesomegamer Rodigeuz

    Foggy victory

  26. dGG

    "Be safe" Don't play with fire

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