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Microsoft Lumia 950 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Microsoft Lumia 950, the first high end Lumia in quite some time. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2” QHD 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display and it …

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  1. She thicc

  2. what about call quality?

  3. this woman is hot!

  4. Great review! I just picked up an unlocked Lumia 950 from the Microsoft Store for $249!

  5. Microsoft screwed up by not releasing decent phones on the small carriers. Metro, Boost, Virgin. They thought they were too good for them yet iphone and samsung are on them. Dumb now they are out of the business. Their fault.

  6. Can this smart phone used for remote destob conection?

  7. this bitch cant talk for shit 😂💀

  8. Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    no ebay app,developers are moving away frim windows,soon it will be obsolete

  9. Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    windows is not worth using ive had it for 3 yrs,using a 930 at moment,too many things wrong with windows,so inferior,cortana pathetic,android all the way lol ask cortana to navingate,try editing mis spelt text, ☹

  10. Right now iPhone 7 is £699.00 from Apple Store. Lumia 950 is £249 from Microsoft store with a FREE Display Dock*. Since the iPhone is not almost 3X as good, I didn't buy one. No prizes for guessing with phone I have just ordered.
    Thanks for the in depth review. It helped me decide.

  11. It's been like a year since this phone was released. They need to update their product line.

  12. If you want to use your smartphone to catch Pokemons, Windows 10 is not the right Phone for you. If you on the other hand are a grown up and need a smartphone that actually works with you and your windows 10 desktop, office and so forth. This is the phone for you. I came from an Android phone, it was a toy in comparison. I hardly ever used the "smart" part of my previous phone as most of it was made for children. Now that is different, my Lumia 950 has replaced my laptop when traveling. Powerpoint and Excel via Miracast or Display dock when meeting customers is what I need from my laptop and the Lumia 950 is doing it just as well.

  13. application for windows 10 can work on windows 10 mobile of this mobile ?

  14. dont buy it

  15. RIP Nokia

  16. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy better than apple that crap

  17. I just don't understand why do people hate windows and even tho apps are getting better and better…. Btw I have a iphone 6plus and I had it for since Jan and I had issues with it that is lag and bug also every time I touch the screen its freeze where the point I have to turn the phone off then turn in the phone to able to text or whatever.

  18. another Nokia, love them, or should i go Android and get an S7 edge over this phone (i have a Nokia 930 at the moment) just getting fed up with lack of apps that work for windows? 😐



  19. 8:45 420 BLAZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Can anyone tell me is this a premium phone or iPhone still the undisputed king of all phones?

  22. Worst phone I ever purchased.. Bought this one thinking Microsoft is finally in the game.. The phone itself is not bad, the OS is not bad at all and is a refreshing change from Android and iOS.. But the apps are just not there! Devs seems to just ignore the OS and it's hurting us users! Recently, even Paypal dropped support..

  23. LightYagami100000

    Like this, but waiting for Surface Phone.

  24. Panuwich Mangsoon

    presentation so very good . But on lumia 950 I accept is the best smart phone on me. Now I'm collecting my money for buy it, and use to my education.

  25. I wanted to tell you about this petition that i Joined:
    "we want official snapchat app on windows 10 mobile."
    I really care about this cause, and I'd love it if you joined me in supporting it. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.

  26. I've been using a Nokia Lumia 930 (Icon in the U.S) for the last 2 years and i agree with you as due to the lack of App support i am going to be going back to iPhone. If it had all the apps that iphone and Android had i would have got the 950XL. Great Review, Thanks

  27. I love Microsoft things😬😜😎

  28. Will there be a Lumia 650 review?

  29. ffpphotography 35

    i might not get this phone , ,don't want to start to start on a phone with bugs

  30. Dear Video Creator, you literally just got done saying you should take your glasses off when using the Facial Recognition and Iris Scan functionalities, yet you failed to remove them when trying to show your viewers how well it works. Did you just forget you wear glasses or something? wtf …a minor brain fart but it pissed me the fuck off. Next time take your own advice and take your fucking glasses off when using the Facial Recognition or Eye scan feature, dumbass.

  31. "It's Lisa from Mobile Terrrwwck Review!"

  32. At 8:46 on the phones clock was 420

  33. what dog shit, can't get a real windows 10 desktop. I wouldn't wast space in my garbage can for. windows 10 tablet for now with hdmi…then hello linux. thanks ms for another hunk of ship. can't wait to see u destroy hololens

  34. juli bina sdn bhd

    do not samsung
    yes,i like microsoft
    yes,i like iphone
    and yes,i like Asus

    I love microsoft and iphone

  35. Tamer Kassem (T900Kassem)

    They announced this right when I finally cracked my 930.

  36. Williamtwentythird

    Hi Lisa, are you sure it's Amoled? The official spec list says it is OLED?

  37. Borderlands Roadkill

    Nice review,,,,,,,, Thanks again Lisa!

  38. Kashikoi Kurousagi

    I own it and love it . It is very user friendly , functional and organized. Windows 10 integration along with all of the productivity . Office 365 fully installed versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote plus 1TB cloud storage free for one year. Great camera also used recently to complete a whole photoshoot of street style at the Milan Fashion Week, to test out whether they can be distinguished from products of a professional camera.Coming from Android I had close to 100 apps on my HTC M8 , I probably used maybe 4 or 5 on any given day. I'm glad there is now a third alternative in the Smart Phone Arena.

  39. Another great and honest review..Thank you lisa!

  40. can it run java ?

  41. Where dud you buy that clear docking station from??"

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