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Microsoft S10 (Surface) Phone | 2018 | Concept

Microsoft S10 Surface Phone Concept
A surface phone concept that borrows the design language of the surface pro line. A device that delivers productivity in the palm of its users. Featuring a small Surface pen for productivity specially for artist, a PureView Zeiss Back Camera to capture 20 mp HQ images. A programmable button at the logo at the back of the phone. A removable back plate for easier battery access. Windows 10 mobile OS, and a side accessory connection port, that will make the surface phone the best partner for productivity.

This Concept By:- Ian James Recto ( https://goo.gl/bNWFgG )

Watch More Concepts: https://goo.gl/LEYjNG

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  1. E' bellissimo,e chi dice il contrario, non capisce un cavolo di Smartphone.

  2. Тревис Бикль

    не будет

  3. Yo quiero un Microsoft desde Ecuador

  4. 玄隱!!

  5. Victor Fernandes

    Intenção boa,porem apps pagos não fica legal pra ninguém

  6. Die Begleitmusik empfinde ich als unerträglich schlecht.

  7. Is born now or just concept phone.?

  8. Windows phones are dead & fans are still making concepts about the mobile phones

  9. if it can run .exe files then i bet it gonna rock.

  10. Lo quiero ya……

  11. I Think They will not come in to market again.

  12. Rocio ichpas saenz

    Mejor q el iPad🍎🍎🍎

  13. Макс Samantos

    Why not Nokia?!

  14. is it trute microsoft new phones r come???

  15. Bhaskar Dakarapu

    Its really Good and excellent model

  16. HEY. Phconcepts. How would it be. A pearphone.

  17. Microsoft…The best!!!!

  18. Nice work! Looks unique and trendy.

  19. Вартан Аведов

    Жду с нетерпением, Lumia 930 тихонько подыхает, а менять ее не на что, Айфон и Андройд, после люмии не то, сколько пытался не смог.

  20. Marek Kroskiewicz

    I have lumia 950XL and it`s very goog, better than Iphone. I`m waiting for S10. looks nice

  21. Es wird höchste Zeit das Surface Phone auf den Markt zu bringen!! – Etwas dünner bitte noch ! Ansonsten ok ! – – das Windows Betriebssystem auf PC, Tablett, Smartphone und Watch zu haben sollte doch in jedermanns Interesse sein ! – Oder hat irgendjemand einen Android PC ??- Und Mac? — 4% — 3 % 2 % —- Tot.

  22. bangkok thailand

    Any neews

  23. Alexander Burachevsky

    There is no software support, so there is no sense in it

  24. Dr. donna Walter

    Any chance we will know if it will have a removable battery? Seems like a lot of effort to begin using such a device, get it all loaded with what you need to then have the battery die & have to send the whole thing off.

  25. Макс Samantos

    С трудом верится, что кого-то это может заинтересовать. И будет наверное дорого.

  26. Dominic Bartholomeo

    I hope not. No camera button + no pen dock = no thank you

  27. When will come?

  28. i love it (as every microsoft mobile)

  29. Very beautiful

  30. Davvero bellisimo, ma se non vi impegnate con le app,è un lavoro inutile.

  31. If you have ever used a surface product you it will be billion times better in looks than this concept which is sadly very poorly designed.

  32. This is as ugly as it can be. People with this level of CAD skill should also have the same level of design skill.

  33. good to look!

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