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Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 Introduction!!!

New Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 Trailer Concept Introduction. Source: https://twitter.com/D_Breye
Smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone can only go out in 2018 or 2019, but this will be the first smartphone with Windows 10 on the ARM platform. According to new data, the output of Microsoft Surface Phone should not be expected in the near future. One of the former employees of some contractor Microsoft said that this device may appear in 2018 or even 2019. All because it will be a smartphone of a new generation. And this phrase here implies a new generation for the whole market. Judging by the source, Microsoft Surface phone 2018 will be the world’s first smartphone, implementing the concept of Windows 10 on the ARM platform. There are no details, but such a wording may mean that Microsoft Surface Phone will be running full-fledged Windows 10 or some adapted version of it, not Windows 10 Mobile. This amazing design of Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 created by David Breyer.
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  1. Display is horrible. Age of Cracked Screens will begin soon.

  2. Too bad it's been canceled.

  3. After having multiple surface devices…if that's what it looks like and can replace my phone I am 100% in

  4. abdu the Cool gamer



  6. Que telefone bem bosta ! Sério que a Microsoft ta querendo tirar os Windows Phone 8.1 pra botar esse lixo ai que merda em ?

  7. Ridiculous. This will be hella expensive (and most Microsoft electronics are more expensive than Apple products lately), no one will but this stuff. Even the surface laptops and tablets are sold like only on the US. I live in Russia and we don't have them here. All in all, Microsoft will lose lots of money again and close this project down.

  8. It looks like Nintendo ds.

  9. Micromierda. Una compañía que te cobra 9.99€ por reclamar la garantía de uno de sus productos, lo dice todo señores.

  10. rip syntax

  11. Is just a CGI movie.

  12. Los Aposentos del Perro

    the question is….. when Microsoft shows us it ?

  13. Muss haben 😍

  14. Wow amazing… Launch kb hoga mujhe lena h .. i love windows phone …

  15. is that all?
    What we wanted to see is this phone showing it use MS offices and visual basic or Microsoft Access,
    Projector, Battery life, pen, camera and usb ports.

  16. Daniel Sol Palacios Castro

    Please change that stupid music

  17. anak nongkrong rantau


  18. Ảo Thuật Gia Cuối Cùng Của Thế Kỷ

    i don't like disign surface phone, too bad, i like windows 10 mobile

  19. Microsoft is the best phone 📱 but mujhe Nahi lagta ki ye real hai

  20. Iam ur regular viewer superb….😍😍😍

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    I am your regular viwer

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    Sir plz support me

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