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Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 Introduction | THE ULTIMATE SMARTPHONE.

It once seemed inevitable that Microsoft would release a smartphone designed by the same engineering team responsible for the Surface Book and Surface Pro — a Surface Phone. The company has neither confirmed nor denied those rumors. But the leaks have continued, suggesting it’s something the company may still be considering — even if it may not be a product it’s actively developing.

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  1. phone launching date please

  2. MS Should come up with phones to all windows lovers

  3. Maybe Microsoft Watch you video good idea

  4. Since I am fed up with Android and iOS is not an option, I am looking forward to this phone. Is it going to be out any time soon?

  5. Khandakar Istiak Ikram

    Lol! It will never launch..

  6. I love the 950XL its the best phone I have ever owned, a phone I can give my 4yr nephew as he watches his kids YouTube no ads and no crappy posting, unlike android, I can watch my adult programs and my nephew never have it pop up or become a other for him to choose.

  7. I like it
    Model number please

  8. Microsoft is taking too long to make this phone.

  9. Михаил Бурый

    Где можно купить!?))✌️

  10. Microsoft is better than Apple! !!!

  11. Where I will buy this product?

  12. That is a real beautiful phone.

  13. Bhai microsoft hai

  14. MY favorite's company microsoft

  15. Amazing

  16. Microsoft kill lumia phone… now this phone ???

  17. พัทธ์ล่า ฮิโร พาร์ค

    I want it…nowwww

  18. ❤️جميل وبسيط

  19. I'd love to buy this kind of smartphone, from, Microsoft, hi-res specs, fantastic camera shooter to take some beautiful pictures and movies. And of course with a large screen display, with water 💦 proof and dust proof frame, aluminum and solid, and of course, with reasonably a lot of memory, 6/128 gigs or 8/256 gigs. Now that is really impressive, a computer to carry around with me wether I'm a business man or love nature and the outdoors, I believe in the intelligence of people. Keep on truckin these great products!

  20. I want it!!!!!

  21. Google with sandy genuine

    Wow wonderful design and excellent software for windows I like it please release this sale for out of box

  22. Shaun's Fish Tanks

    Microsoft has never really been interested in making "me too phones" Apple has done a fantastic job of making shitty cheap chinese built i phones and managed to con the masses into buying them, but hey, with most of society now behaving like lemmings and having no more self dignity and individuality, its not hard to believe they did it.

  23. Year 2080, lol

  24. Kiya price hoga ye cellphone

  25. When is this expected to be released? Thought it was going to be more like a foldable phone – now like this?

  26. I want it

  27. I'll believe it when I c it. Nice imagination 🙂

  28. when it will come in market?

  29. We are waiting at fire

  30. Cuando los sacaran ala venta

  31. Fail. Not even close to what it will be like. It won't be a phone!

  32. LOL! By the time we reach the date on the phone, I'll be 105 years old! So, it's going to take that long for MS to come up with a phone?

  33. Gninlfien Leon Toure

    i like this phone

  34. The surface phone in the video looks like the sony phone.. anyway…… why did you make this video, it really looks crappy..the upcoming surface phone is supposed to be foldable…dude don't waste your time..cuz your wasting ours..laters dude.

  35. Software ka name kya hai

  36. microsoft smartphones are waste of money and time …look good but not user friendly … till now I not able to sign into Outlook A/c to load App from Store.

  37. Mentiraaa

  38. Where is the hinge

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