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MicroSoft Surface Phone 2018 – Windows 10 Foldable Mobile Phone – SAK!!!

Introducing the new foldable mobile phone 2018 Microsoft Surface Phone with latest operating system Windows 10. ► https://targetyoutube.com/microsoft-surface-phone-2018-windows-10-foldable-mobile-phone/ – According to the latest rumors and leaks, the new upcoming foldable flagship smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone will receive 6.4 inches full HD+ display, most updated processor system Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with latest graphics card Adreno 630. Basically, the idea of the smartphone is brilliant and created by brilliant designer “Harry Dohyun Kim” on Behance. What you do think about new folding smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone 2018 based on Windows 10, we think it’s awesome, you???? #MicrosoftSurfacePhone #Windows10

Images Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/65838043/Windows-10-for-Foldable-Devices

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  1. Murat Aydın

    A big lie. They kill WP system. So I am very angry.

  2. Vishnu aranmula

    How can get the surfus phon

  3. phooogle

    Looks good but it's a Windows phone and no one in the world supports them now I can't even use Spotify on my Lumia it's that much of a pariah.

  4. Sean Langstieh

    this looks insane. windows phone needs to come back with a bang

  5. 王超前


  6. Daniel Kazmer

    Is this real or just fan-made?

  7. Jim Kelly

    wont happen stop posting fantasy projects get a grip for goodness sake

  8. Hans Müller

    I want this so much! But the video is outdated by now, release is at least 2019.
    And I'd like to know where you got the 750€ from! That won't happen for sure!

  9. Ingo Stelz

    How does it work? At the beginning 0:41 you see the back of the phone (Cam esp.')… but later 1:55 there is a display!?!?!? How does it work?

  10. cafeta

    3 Displays???!!! HOW much? 3K?

  11. 姓名

    I want it!

    If the application is substantial ….

  12. Bo Yu

    when is it coming?  i'm losing patience. 😢

  13. Ernesto Rivera

    No like

  14. Ильдар

    Праклятые пиндосы-шоб вы правалились! Памаги отобрать или присаеденить!

  15. Jim Kelly

    bullshit its not going to happen why put this crap on a great site

  16. r0ckn j8sin

    If only if they would add a stylus this will kill any phone out there in the market!

  17. Tayyab King

    Samsing s7 edge

  18. MIDB2323


  19. SHaNs MaRsoN


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