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My favorite iPhone 6 Plus features

This video is about my favorite iPhone 6 plus features Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos 🙂 WHAT’S ON MY iPHONE 6 PLUS?!?

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  1. I love your nails

  2. Cool

  3. I'm ur 1 like

  4. i love your iphone cases.. where did you get it?

  5. Can you do an updated what's on my iPhone tag? Love your videos! Thanks.

  6. Wow

  7. I'm getting mines Thursday. Do you need a sim card and what kind of case you have

  8. When you said hey siri my phone went to siri

  9. Is the iPhone 6 Plus worth it now and will it be good for about the next 5 years ?

  10. my phone fell in the toilet last mounth xD waiting for 7 now

  11. Whered you buy that case?

  12. Nice detailed review. Where'd you get your case?

  13. may I have ur five

  14. Mohamed irbaze affan

    I'm not getting the option of desktop site in my iphone.

  15. When you said "hey siri" the first time, my siri went on

  16. The destop thing doesn't work on my iPhone 6 plus

  17. Madanhirshi117@gmail.com Madan


  18. i got my iPhone 6 plus because of you so i want to say thank you

  19. When u said "hey Siri" my Siri turned on

  20. Roshan Gyawali (Palpali)

    i am unable to see names instead of numbers while receiving phone call…plz help me

  21. Samsung are better than iphones handy tip for you!

  22. Roger that young lady- your not only beautiful but smart as well- nice bonus.. good job on your instructions!  HOOAH!

  23. There was no camera improvement from the 5s to the 6

  24. Your charger doesn't have to be plugged in to use the "hey Siri" feature.

  25. 4:02 My Siri came up lol!

  26. You do not have to plug up the new iPhones to do hey Siri that's a new feature no plug in needed

  27. they should make a iPhone 5c with a fingerprints

  28. When you said hey Siri, it activated my Siri.

  29. lester constantino

    Omg your so great 😍

  30. Your phone must be fucked up cause you don't have to have your phone plugged in

  31. Sparkly Sprinkles DIY

    I really like this video! I may be getting an Iphone 6 plus for Christmas! YAY!

  32. I love your videos. You're so pretty.

  33. charlotte mcdonialds

    You can reply to iMessages with banner notifications too. You just drag it down a bit and you can type :)

  34. Where did you get your case??? It's so cute!

  35. I'm your 1k like! ❤️❤️

  36. Hi Blanca could u try to reply to this. So my phone freezes and then turns off and on its done it 8 or 9 times in a week. Plus 4 times today. Just wondering whether u kno or have experienced it. So to bother u btw

  37. Thanks for this video!! I was so lost with this phone…I was an android user before the 6 plus lol

  38. loving it!

  39. Nice video October 3rd is my bday 🐱😍😘😻😻😹😸

  40. 5:00 When you're talking about the alert choices for texts, do you realize that you can also see the whole message and reply to a text with the banner setting. Just slide down on it when you get a text.

  41. I love your case! 

  42. I love your phone video

  43. Omg before this video I got an ad for PAPER TOWNS 😍😍 omggg

  44. cindy is so beautiful

    Cool vedio ima get the six can't wait

  45. I love Your Phone video

  46. Angela Schmidt (Charismakitty)

    Thanking you for demonstrating the "request desktop site" feature…I completely forgot how to do it and couldn't figure it out. I like your case. Is it Kate Spade? I just ordered a KS case from ebay for super cheap. Hopefully it's not a knock-off. Mine was different shades of blue with stripes, but I really kind of want to get the same one you have now. It's so pretty in orange in pink!

  47. Sweet girl

  48. i love how all your favorite things about the iPhone 6 plus describes Android devices for the past 3 years

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