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Network Configuration Instruction of HD Mini WIFI Spy Camera Module (Model Number: WIFI05)

As modern science and technology develops rapidly, people expect more of their security cameras. Nowadays, people hope that their surveillance cameras can …

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  1. Hi I'm interested how to avail that and where it is available here in UAE?

  2. Where can I order this mini camera

  3. Is this Chinese garbage? I don't like buying anything overseas. It's usually a waste of money.

  4. Hi my question is can I wire it to a laptop if I dont have a phone??

  5. Federico Joaquín Arias

    do you know how view the cam with rtsp link! in live ? thanks a lot.

  6. Federico Joaquín Arias

    Hi, do you know how can i acces via RTSP ??? i want to view this cam with VLC. thanks a lot.

  7. Octavious Williams

    when it goes to search device its coming up with nothing…i hit refresh and still nothing

  8. Octavious Williams

    Wiseup shop….my phone or tablet cant find device in p2plivecam…HELP

  9. Hi, my camera is on, the blue light is on, the red light is flashing every 10 seconds. When I open the Iminicam, the camera does not appear, but I am connected to the Wifi from the camera. However, when I click the reset button for 5 seconds, nothing happens, no light goes out. Can the reset button be faulty?
    Is there another way to reset?

  10. my phone WiFi cannot find the UID address or number anywhere. how am I suppose to connect my WiFi if I can't find it?

  11. Good morning I have acquired the camera spy but the cd that comes to me is for apple (mac) and I have windows, Can you tell me where I can download the program for pc windows?

  12. When you turn on the camera, find me the wifi, but when I go to find a camera in the application tells me that the camera is offline. and we constantly lit blue light … what to do


  14. Shah Zad Jalil Khan

    can you hide its SSID?

  15. Please turn the piano music down, the older people get the more difficulty they have with sound, trying to listen to your voice while a beautiful piece of music is playing is a distraction as I listen more to the music than your sweet voice. sorry.

  16. Could you do the indoor and outdoor range test of this and other similar camera?

  17. I have been trying to connect to its wifi for like 6hour, waste of time, still saying device offline, reset it for thousand times, didnt help, also I failed to charge the battery
    Can somebody help?

  18. what is WALAN
    and how you install this cam on Samsung s7 please send me any link please to see

  19. connection to laptop?

  20. How Long is the distance

  21. Sorry this may be a dumb question. Can you monitor this camera from your cellphone if you are remote? Say for instance if you are out of state and want to see what's going on in your home.

  22. very good

  23. can i watch live on my iphone while i'm home and my friend with the camera far away from me like 2km ? or i should be near him till i get the image with screen shot while he is live ? urgent

  24. Will this camera work with iPhone or iMac?

  25. It worked for me , dont understand all the complains

  26. i have this product but its wifi doesn't respond??????????????

  27. how to use it using wifi????????????????????

  28. Hi there is one important question that how to record video on NVR continuously , Please tell me briefly so i can purchase this camera

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