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  1. Jeffrey Ashley

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  2. Adnan G Khalifa

    same phone hai but tap+send fiture he nahi hain please reply mughe zaroori hai plz plz plz help me

  3. venkat ganesh

    Fast things your telling

  4. super hero

    every windows phone don't have this app

  5. Giovanni

    every windows phone video i see its my HTC bae -3-

  6. sasha suslov

    Это как то можно перевести на русский

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  8. Sukh -E

    What about windows 8.1 htc 8x nfc , will it transfer pictures to cros platforms ?.

  9. Antonio Velazquez

    Good trend. Glad to see cross platform file sharing.

  10. Krzysztof Mądry

    Can't you send it from WP the same way as from the Android? I mean you always have to tap share and then it goes?

  11. cubebox4tube

    thanks for clearing up. as I was trying to find my way to transfer file using NFC cross-platform. looks like good old Bluetooth is the only way to go – as least for now.

  12. Gordon Oboh

    does anyone have any idea how fast NFC sharing for videos

  13. ayman saber

    its windows phone 8 evolution m/

  14. dboss812

    You can share photos between the two with ativ beam on the windows phone

  15. Cristopher Chavez

    Loving the wp8 operating system and look

  16. FightingPolygon

    Are you dumb…? -_-

  17. yogie supernova

    Tap n send

  18. Dionicio Castillo

    answer me if I was helpful

  19. Dionicio Castillo

    Hey bro the nfc technology needs contact between both devices and sometimes is used to pairing bluetooth devices; to send videos (your case) the optimal range is aprox 10 meters in your case you would use the nfc only for bluetooth pairing after that the bluetooth does the rest.

  20. Dionicio Castillo

    xD you are so funny.

  21. GIGA AL




  23. Dylan Greene

    The world just got a little easier

  24. flyguyee

    The iFags will buy an iPhone even though there are cheaper better phones available. They'll buy anything with an Apple on the back.

  25. ExZed

    ahahah stupid EARWAX is here! LOL
    Android infested with malwares? This statement shows how ignorant you are!

  26. eaxvac1

    Ewww Android, better don't. Because Android is infested with malware

  27. Jason Rouse

    Is this mainly used as convenient or will it 1 day be beneficial or standard technology.

  28. wornohaulus

    actually …. windows phone 8 has the complete user and data stack available for nfc. but for more data, it has to create a peer to peer connection with the other device. and there are some standard incompatibilities between wp8 and android … so full usage is still not possible. in the future… as the standard gets more rich, the cross platform usage will become more robust.

  29. taurussho86

    sorry google did not

  30. Agg ose

    Ahh the ignorance.

  31. SapientHunter

    You mad bro????
    Google never invented NFC. NFC is an Open Source Technology.. so no company can actually hold claim over it. It was invented by Gaston Schwabacher at INPI Brazil in 1995
    2004 Nokia, Philips and Sony established the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum
    2006 Nokia 6131 was the first NFC phone
    2010 Samsung Nexus S: First Android NFC phone shown ….
    So, Nexus S was the first "Android phone" to have the NFC technology.. but it never was the first device to have NFC

  32. SapientHunter

    2006 Nokia 6131 was the first NFC phone
    2010 Samsung Nexus S: First Android NFC phone shown ….
    So, Nexus S was the first "Android phone" to have the NFC technology.. but it never was the first device to have NFC. It was Nokia

  33. MrToxicSausage

    exchanging numbers will be so easy.

  34. Sufian Chaoub

    the nfc is a technologgy of nokia introduced in the 2004 ,so it isn't a technology if android!!

  35. Glenn Johansson

    First phone ever with NFC was the Nokia 6131 (2006). So well before Android (or Iphone for that matter) even existed 😉

  36. jasonpgallery

    Nice video. I still think that NFC for picture and website transfer isn't practical, that's what text messaging is for (unless you are trying to save on data expenses) I have the GS3 and only used it once with another GS3, kinda overrated. I do however feel it will be neat to use it as a "pay pass" feature but theft issues will likely be an issue with various hacks and device theft. Stealing ones phone might be like stealing someone's wallet.

  37. paradicetw

    not true, if you look at the history of the NFC technology, it was a nokia phone from the 90's

  38. Basil Minhas


  39. Basil Minhas


  40. Rythulian

    Do NFC sharing with the iPhone 5… oh wait

  41. Vishal Laul

    Can't you check your facts before blabbering junk? Sigh. goo_dot_gl/H15fw (replace _dot_ with . )

  42. Leuel48Fan

    If tech companies were people, Apple would be the forever alone rich bastard…

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