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Nikon AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera Unboxed & Initial Impressions

http://www.artoftheimage.com – Nikon AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera Unboxed & Initial Impressions Nikon COOLPIX AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera with …

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  1. Did you use the flash all underwater?

  2. Hi, does it have settings for underwater color correction filter nikon aw130 camera like the Panasonic TS5

  3. Alicia Janoher Marti

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying the Nikon AW130 and mostly using it for underwater filming, but i was wondering. For the GoPro you have the dome port, which creates space between the lens and for example the water so that you can take half air half water pictures. Ive been looking for a while now and I can't want find anything like that for the Nikon AW130. Do you know if there is such thing for the Nikon AW130 or there's a setting for it.

  4. in a selfie world no flip screen!?! you blew it Nikon.

  5. Hello sir, I'm beginner photographer and I would like to know what you recommend between AW130 vs DMC-TS6 for normal use. Thank you

  6. I just bought a aw130 on amazon and it will not close .how can i return it

  7. Nice Review, Your opinion, Which is better this Nikon AW130 or the Fuji Xp80 ?

  8. I have yet to see any one of these compact underwater cameras that do a decent job without lots of light. Plus, reviews are full of complaints about their cameras failing in the water (usually due to user fault, not sealing them properly), and of course the manufacturer is not going to back them. I tested three different brand/models last year and they were all pretty bad. Even images out of the water, during the day were pretty bad. Obviously they're not going to be as good as a dslr or even smaller aps-c or m43 cameras, but I didn't care for the images at all.

    I ended up opting for an underwater housing for my Canon S110; a little more pricey but far better for me. I hope one of these guy can eventually come up with decent performance underwater in a compact format, and I look forward to your test results with images and video!

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