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Nikon Coolpix AW110 review – GPS & Wi-Fi wmu all-weather underwater camera

Review and real world samples taken with the Nikon Coolpix AW110 waterproof, shockproof freezeprood compact digital camera with built in GPS, compass, …

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  1. I don't know if it is really good but when me and my family was in tioman island and we went for scuba diving, it was working when we were in like shallow part of the sea but when we reach about 10 meters of diving the camera stopped working even though it was fully charged and it happened twice already. I don't think it can't go far down in the sea.

  2. WiFi is broken and useless – to use WiFi with this camera, one has to set the camera as the access point with an IP address and all and then connect to this network just to use the "NIKON WMU" App as some sort of remote control!
    This totally retarded WiFi implementation is "works as expected"

    If point-point is what NIKON wanted, they could use Bluetooth like normal people!

  3. Mario Ortega Pérez

    Excellent review!! Very helpfull! I am from Spain and I would like to buy this model. I have read that a few people have problems with this camera after using in open water areas under 5 m. Would you recommend it? Have you got any problem since you buy it? Thank you!!!

  4. Any of the users of this camera encountered the static noise while shooting movies as demonstrated in this video? :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFN6prV37yM 

    I want to know if it's only faulty in my specimen, or it is considered to be 'normal' for this model (which I think would be ridiculous). 

  5. Does the software that comes with the camera work with a Mac?

  6. javier concepcion

    Thanks 4 the vid and the quick tips! Very helpfull!

  7. javier concepcion

    Thanks 4 the vid and the quick tips! Very helpfull!

  8. Maria Cleary…  The GPS is so you can see where you took a photo.  This is useful if you are traveling to an area you've never been to. The GPS isn't used for navigation, just tagging the location to the photo.

  9. I might be Insane

    why do all these cameras have a GPS? I dont need one i just need a camera!!!!!

  10. GeorgeHliasMpoumpouki

    By far the most useless camera on earth, after 5 times in water no more than 1m deep the camera is out of order and NIKON won't repair it on guarantee, DONT BUY IT!!!

  11. thanks for the review!

  12. LivingInVancouverBC

    Happy Birthday, Dad! 

    (I bought my Dad this camera!)

  13. Does it have a time lapse feature?  If so, do you know if it has a timer?

  14. To use the wifi and gps must u need ur smart phone if yes must you have 3G or internet?

  15. how long does the battery last if you want to take pictures mainly?


  16. anyone know where I can buy the filters for this camera? been searching high and low. I can't for the life of me find any. 

  17. Just got my camera in! thanks for posting this amazing video! helped me out A LOT! now off to enjoy!

  18. My  Macro button on the 4-button multi selector does not appear to do anything…. I can select the macro mode in the menu setting and the autoeasy mode tends to switch to macro if focus is really close, but the actual lower button on the camera back does NOTHING?  What am i missing?   

    The lower button (macro flower) DOES work as the down button in controls, but does not turn on a macro mode….. I took back my 1st camera, thinking this was a defect, but the camera I just opened does the same thing.

    Someone with an AW110, please response… I'd appreciate it !!

  19. Hi there. First off, nice review video. I have a problem though: I just bought this camera and when I want to turn on the Wi-Fi it's greyed-out so I can't turn it on. I've tried looking it up online but I can't seem to find any answers. One answer was that the battery should be full, but it is and it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

  20. Does anyone know which option is the best for recording on this camera?
    I have recorded some events but when I play the film on my laptop I see it as frames, what I mean is that I see them as a series of connected frames, like I can see when one frame ends and the other starts…hard to explain.

  21. Thanks, just purchased one.

  22. the WirelessMobileUtility app is not available for Samsung tab 3. anyone know of something else i can use

  23. LivingInVancouverBC

    I just bought it and spend a long time reading the pdf manual. It's amazing what this camera can do. 

    In Smart Portrait it has a Smile Timer which will recognize faces, and shoot when the person smiles. If a pet is in the photo, it will focus on the pet's face, but shoot when the person smiles. It can recognize up to 3 people and two pets, and you can prioritize the faces. That is mind-blowing stuff. 

    What is missing is a UFO/Bigfoot setting to make 240p blurry and shaky images 😉 

    Late Great Comedian Mitch Hedberg
    "Bigfoot is blurry. It's not the cameraman's fault." 

  24. only iphone.. buhu

  25. Hi there, can you link it to HTC one android phone, cheers i thinking getting one whilst  out geocaching fed up with lugging a dx40 with me cheers

  26. Philippe Casteleyn

    I have not seen proof that the compass bearing is recorded in the exif data.

  27. The Australian stock I got today has a full English paper manual. Other languages are on the CD.
    Tip, while in the various scene modes (portrait ect.) toggle zoom up for a description, toggle up again to turn off.

  28. some review says that shooting at dark area has a poor result. Is it true?

  29. Richard Patrocinio

    Great video, you just made my choose of what  camera to take to Hawaii.
    Thanks again.

  30. bought it used it : at 50cms it flooded after 6 days… made beautiful photos though, before dying…

  31. i got this camera for my birthday in september. i hope noting bigger and better comes out by the summer, but regardless i love it its a really good camera 

  32. Just bought this today. But Why anyone need elevation of the photos. 

  33. Glad to hear that the video was helpful. I agree, underwater housings seem to be a bit overpriced. 

  34. I just got this camera for my birthday and this video was extremely helpful. I don't know why manuals just do it for me. I love the camera so far. No raw support but other than that it's great. Perfect for rainy days. I'm certainly not spending a butt load of money on a weather sealed DSLR or EVIL camera.

  35. Not directly I don't think.

  36. Abdullah Alrasheed

    can you transfer videos into your iphone?

  37. Glad it was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to comment. 

  38. awesome video, it was very helpful

  39. I try to give real world impressions when I review photo gear that I purchase. Since I'm not corporate, I can give honest impressions to gear I use. Thanks for watching and subbing. 

  40. Thanks for sharing. Amateur but right to the points; better than the self-claimed "pro open-box" videos. Subscribed. 

  41. I don't have any experience with the Sony model. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. 

  42. Thanks for the video. I'm deciding between this and the sony tx30… any input?

  43. ABU ABDALAH jolarty

    Many thanks it's work finally i git it :)

  44. You need to navigate to the Auto Mode, NOT the Easy Mode.

    Power on the camera, then press the Scene (camera icon) button and select the bottom most icon, then right arrow to see all the function in that sub menu. 

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