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Nikon D3300 vs D5300 and 18-55mm vs 18-140mm comparison review: AF, GPS, and Wi-fi

Buy at http://sdp.io/d3300 or http://sdp.io/d5300 SUBSCRIBE & get the book with 9 HOURS of video: http://sdp.io/s Lightroom book (w/ 12 hrs of video): …

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  1. Ansuman Mahapatra

    At time 7:15 the photo looks noisy at the camera portions. Does it have noise inside room 5300?

  2. Tony & Chelsea Northrup first of all thanks for uploading these good informative videos i want to buy nikon d 5300 but i am confused weather i should go for body only + 35 mm prime lens or d 5300 + kit 18-140 please suggest me which one is better which prime is better 50 or 35 mm.

  3. Dear Teacher!

    I have few questions if you don't mind, i have canon 1300D and now i just started wedding events and party events and want to upgrade my camera so i found that Nikon D5300 is in my range so i can buy all the accessories including the camera. Should i upgrade to Nikon D5300 or i can use 1300D with accessories ?

    also i am covering teaching classes of the universities with videos so is it fine for that too ?

    Thanks :)

  4. Thank you 2 so much, you are great people. :)

  5. D5200 vs D5300? Considering D5300 is costing me around 150 USD more than D5200.

  6. Mohammad Niaz Morshed

    very nice n concise comparison.

  7. Hi .. I am somehow developing love for photography and I love watching your videos.. One question after watching this one.. does D5300 have auto bracketing ?

  8. I go for d3300. :)

  9. hi sir may I know which is best camera between Canon 1300 and Nikon 3300 and more camera under 35000 rupee

  10. Ricky Richmond Aldien

    very well explained… thank you…

  11. How much do your books cost?

  12. Any suggestions for a lens to use with the Nikon d3300 or d5300 for taking video of volleyball?

  13. Thanks for all time support , can u tell me plz. there is any elelectronic level in Nikon d7100 ? if yes then how can I set it during movie recording.

  14. There's a lot of good information! You've just got a new subscriber! Can you tell us about making movies and clips with the d5300? Does it dynamically focus the image during the film recording? Is it possible to control dynamically any other camera settings while recording video? what's the max time it record videos? And of course if there's is something else you think a beginner should know please tell us. This is the best explaining video I found about these cameras. Thanks!

  15. Is there a loss of Quality by using the WIFI Option?

  16. Hello' saw this great video, and want to upgrade to D5500. Im a beginner so i dont know what lens should i upgrade to, could you recommend me somthing please?

  17. nikon d5300 hasnt olpf is it good????

  18. Erm, the D5300 and 3300 have the exact same sensor, so why did you say 'have the same sensor, basically, you'll probably never notice any difference in picture quality'.
    Can I point out the fact you clearly didn't actually check this?

  19. the 18-140 is ridiculously cheap second hand now, I'd definitely skip any of the 18-55 lenses.

  20. I'm planning a foreign tour. Which Camera is better? Budget is not an issue.

  21. this guy looks fucking epic! Subscribed!

  22. Lots of great reviews done by this couple. But for some reason they creep me out.

  23. hello. if you pleased help me with this matter, i got the lensesof nikon af-p 18-55 mm but not VR, it would be better if i just replace it with nikon af-p 18-55 mm VR??

  24. I'm thinking of moving up from a Panasonic Lumix fz200 to either the Nikon d3300 or the Canon 700d. unfortunately the Nikon d5300 is over budget even a used one. Could you advise me which would be the best choice out of these two?

  25. any difference between their build quality and material?

  26. Pavitr Kunder (paviphoto)

    0:52 lovely bride? Haha Romance reignited. She is definitely worth it!

  27. which s better choice between 18-55 and 55-200 or 18-140 in term of photo quality

  28. @ 3:42 Look at the camre on the table…scary close call!

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