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Nikon D5300 Review

Given that Nikon still leads the way for SLR pixel count it is perhaps no surprise that it should stick with a 24-milion pixel sensor for the D5300. However, despite …

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  1. She looks like Ellen page!!

  2. Nikon d5300 or 700d ? which the good cameras

  3. what did you use to video this review, looks great

  4. Girl Breathe.!

  5. Ehab AbdulburAlfakhory

    Please, you are speaking too fast, I can not follow you since I am not native English speaker
    Please, take into account people from all over the worlds may watch your video, and kindly adopt your speed so all people get the benefit from your experience.

  6. could have cut 10 seconds off the front of that. and I agree, slow down. There was no showing us around the camera, just straight into technical facts about the sensor. I stopped watching at 1:14 because I didn't fell you were here to tell me about this camera but to plow through some scripts of facts.

  7. In defence of touch screen not been used we found touch screens to be problematic that builds up finger grease and does not always work efficiently.

  8. Breaaaathe!

  9. Does the viewfinder on this look digital like the LCD only smaller? Or does it look like you're looking through a window and there's no green square that shows you where your focus is? Sorry I don't know the real terms for it Im not an advanced photographer :(

  10. I dont know which camera to choose as my first DSLR Canon T5i or Canon D5300…I need some help.

  11. Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what they shoot with to capture the actual reviews. When I'm watching videos I'm llistening for a second and I realize who sharp the camera is capturing the review. I wonder what they are using

  12. Does Tamron 70-200mm f 2.8 fit on nikon d5300

  13. Fabien mongin-poli

    You speak really fast, please slow down, the content is great.

  14. A. Alejandro Malaver

    Hi! tanks for you video, First I want to tell you that I'm looking for a DSRL camera especially for filmmaking, video and short, after visiting forums and many, many videos on youtube reduced the range of options just two cameras, the CanonT5i and Nikon D5300 is what my budget I allowed. I have tilted the Nikon D5300. I think it has better image quality, has a slightly larger sensor, recording video at 1080p and 60p. no Aliasing, no moire. Weak point you can not control the aperture view mode video, also the auto focus is not good and noise, but I understand that to go to film some more professional video no auto focus is used. which is the best for my needs in this price range? thanks for helping

  15. the most CRAP with new D5300, is the WIFi is based for Smartphone, not like EYE-Fi that automatically upload Pictures to the computer then it active on wifi net.. so you don’t need to connect cable or manual upload Picture, just keep you camera in the bag, its complete automatically configurable to a specific map on your computer that is cleaver, but NOOO not on D5300 that crap can only share with Smartphone so you can download your 12Mbit Picture to facebook in about ½hour or something, that’s sucks, if you want to take pictures to facebook use you Smartphone NOT a semipro camera like D5300, I known here is many old photograph that are living in the past, but I’m not.. and Pro people is always like that then new features come on.. like is a curse or something and it DON´t support Windows or Windows Phones.

  16. Nikon 55-300 is good with d5300 i want to know

  17. Nikon 55-300 is good with d5300 i want to know

  18. Which one is better for me, Nikon D5300 or Nikon D7000, before I not use any DSLR camera, but I want to purchase one good camera with good configuration and also low prices that's why I chose this 2 camera, so that I request you please help me which is better for me

  19. Good review, direct and to the point. Just got this camera and still getting to know it. So far so good

  20. The next step for me with cameras

  21. BringerOfTruth123

    Very good. REview Quick and to the point. I especially like the hands-on footage. 

  22. Nice review, gratulations.

    My Nikon D5300 Sample video's:



  23. You noted comparison to a few u43rds cameras in live view.  However, it would be better to compare to the Canon 70D in live view speed since it is a similar camera though the Canon 70D live view should be noticeably faster.

  24. Very nice review, just wish more examples of video recording were included.

  25. Very pleasant as always thanks!

  26. ‫نايف‬‎

    الله يسعد امها ماشاء الله تبارك الله روووووعه

    نفر ذس اس فري قود

  27. OstyleProductions


  28. Great 🙂 thank you 

  29. Nice review.

  30. As always, superb video.
    Thank you.

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