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Nikon FX and DX DSLR Digital Camera Sensor Sizes Explained (Compact Digital Cameras Too)

http://www.artoftheimage.com – Nikon FX and DX DSLR Digital Camera Sensor Sizes Explained (and compared to Nikon P7000 and P500 compact digital …

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  1. Great video! Needed that info.

  2. @johanneswingerlang – I think it is, especially considering the price. Don't forget, the D300 has no video. I still like my D90. Shoot is as a 2nd gun to my D7000.

  3. Johannes Winger-Lang

    @ArtoftheImage Is D90 really better than D300? Though, D300s is the more present modell.

    Yeah D7000 is some year newer, which is a lot in the digital age 🙂

    I'm happy with my D90 though :)

  4. @johanneswingerlang – I don't think 1fps is way better. Most people would never notice it. 🙂 I'd take a D90 over a D300, and the D7000 over any other DX camera on the market today. 🙂

  5. @nerwin – the partial alloy body is really not any less rugged than the D300s. If you're doing something to the camera that's going to damage the D7000, it's going to damage the D300s as well. Remember, these cameras are computers inside. The D300s shoots 7fps, not 8fps unless you add the grip, and the D7000 shoots 6fps. Hardly even noticeable. Couldn't agree with you more about how great the D7000! Love mine so much I sold my D700. :-)

  6. @martyryum – yes, unfortunately I have to agree. Announced in summer or early fall and out in the fall or by Christmas is my guess at this point. I fear the Japan disasters have set the schedule back.

  7. what are your thoughts on release date of D800/D400? I was hoping for a release before summer, but now it seems that september is much more realistic…

  8. @estudio100rafa – Of course, if I had tons of cash, I'd own both. :-)

  9. @estudio100rafa – I was referring to high ISO image quality. Yes, the D3x yields the best image file currently available from a DSLR today, BUT, and here's the big but, the D3s is a better camera for me and most other photographers because of it's high ISO superiority. Nothing on the market can touch the D3s for high ISO, and because the D3s images are so clean and detailed, they can be enlarged to D3x size with virtually no loss of image quality. Hence, I'd rather own the Nikon D3s.

  10. Johannes Winger-Lang

    @ArtoftheImage Faster framerate? 😉

    Should have mentioned it though, it's way better than D3000/ D5000 and D90, which you in fact mentioned.

    However, cool video, great as usual :)

  11. @geomox4 – Yes, which is to be expected as the D300s is an older generation of DSLR technology.

  12. good video man

  13. @ArtoftheImage Well the D300s is all alloy body vs D7000 only being partial alloy. Plus the D300s does have a much faster frame rate (8fps vs 6fps), Plus the uncompressed raw.. but these things are not even close enough for me to get a D300s instead of the D7000. When I was first buying my second DSLR, I almost bought the D90 because the D7000 was over my budget, but I busted my butt and waited and got the D7000 instead and that was the best choice I ever did.


  14. @nerwin – LOL… yes, I could see how the D7000 would be like a D3s when you're coming from a D60. 🙂

    To clarify, the D7000 beats the D300s in every way that matters… better AF, better sensor, better high ISO image quality. I can't think of any reason to choose the D300s over the D7000. 

  15. @ArtoftheImage Yeah I know it's a DX sensor, I was just thinking because the D300s is still a really good contender. But I think you mean the D7000 smokes the D300s because the D400 or what ever the name will be hasn't yet be released or even in production as far as we know.

    I love my D7000, I use to have a Nikon D60 and D7000 is like a D3s to me.. hahahaha.

  16. @nerwin – Out of date camera that is basically not part of the current Nikon DSLR line-up in terms of technology. Nikon is just keeping it there to sell off stock until the D400 is out. The D7000 totally smokes the D400 in every practical way. The D300s is a DX camera if that's what you were wondering. :-)

  17. Panasonic 4/3rds is really good for people trying to get a film look for video. Philip Bloom recommends GH1 because you can mount any lens on a GH2 with a adapter because there is no mirror in the 4/3rds camera. Panasonic has a pro camcorder with the 4/3 called AF100.

  18. Good work

  19. You failed to mention D300/s? 

  20. first! haha

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