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Official YouTube app for Windows Phone – Quick tour

After being removed a few months ago due to a spat with Google, Microsoft today (8/13/13) has returned the app to the WIndows Phone Store, including now a version for 7.x devices. We give a quick tour of what’s changed. http://www.wpcentral.com/video-tour-returned-youtube-app-windows-phone Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?sub_confirmation=1

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  1. How to. Download this app

  2. What's the app called

  3. From which country you are?

  4. Wata fock man alguém traduz isso

  5. Hey man is this app available for windows phone 8.1

  6. TouchTubeHD it's da best

  7. Syed Ebad Husain Abedi

    Satya nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corporation is India's pride

  8. alguien que traduzca esto

  9. Entendi poha nenhuma

  10. can try m.youtube.com instead. .

  11. i hate my microsoft phone the only good thing it has is the camera…microsoft phones are going die if they don't move with the times apps wise

  12. I cant find a toutube app in the Microsoft store its bulk shit I want my youtube app ffs assholes

  13. never use windows phone NEVER the phone have just a good camera nothing else

  14. Idiot

  15. how do u upload YouTube vids for Microsoft phone

  16. It doesn't exist a official app for Windows Phone , is just an fake app by Microsoft Corporation but Youtube is by Google….

  17. were the same phone , dude xD

  18. Your audio is too quiet.

  19. Too bad this app is now only a shortcut to the mobile webpage.
    Google wants everything for them.
    Anyway, I got MetroTube and it is completely awesome. Also heard myTube was cool, but since I use MetroTube on my PC, I went with what I already had experience with.

  20. Frenchy Beautement

    I personally prefer myTube

  21. how can I have office youtube app in windows phone 8.1

  22. is the app now actually a app? not a shortcut to the internet explorer anymore ? tell me !!!

  23. I hope this year Google will cooperate to Microsoft for making official apps to them

  24. Tubecast is da best

  25. Tubecast is the best YouTube app on Windows phone!!!!

  26. if u wanna record a good app is youtube uploader on windows phone!

  27. The Silent Observer

    @RolyanIndustries Not likely. It's not illegal to make a client.

  28. haha apple ringtone

  29. Plz can anyone tell me how to forward videos in YouTube on the Lumia 1320

  30. so you have your you tube app from us Microsoft well just make it available for you to put on the marke.. AND ITS GONE!!!!!

  31. Donquix0teDoflamingo

    @brin the kid… google fucking shut it down. they did not want to shut it down.

  32. Google come back to app! #windowsphone   #google  

  33. its been replaced with a browser version of thr4 app, cheap ass Microsoft being cheap cunts once again.

  34. So this app was pulled as well?

  35. When will this app come back?

  36. Does anyone else come back here just to nostalgically view this beauty of a YouTube app? :/

  37. It was working the other day but now it's not

  38. Poor review

  39. @IvicaAtanasovski google. That piece of shit is the problem

  40. give a search for MetroTube or MyTube, give them a search and you won't be disappointed. If you wish to upload to YouTube, if you purchase a Lumia device, Nokia have an app simply titled 'Nokia Video Upload' which allows you to upload content to YouTube

  41. Am i the only one who just heard an iphone ring?

  42. I want to get a windows phone but I use Youtube everyday and if the app is not on there I dont know if I want it. Does it work well on the web browser? I could live with using that, as an android user sometimes the mobile browser version works better then the app itself.

  43. Svenska Teezeenåk

    it doesnt work for me it says rhat i have some sort of error 🙁

  44. Microsoft needs their own version of YouTube or the best bet would be Microsoft just to simply buy out Google from You Tube. Either way Google is being quite the ass. Its funny how they want MS to comply with a format that's not even being done in both Android and ios! As you can see from the video this has nothing to do with advertising unlike what was previously rumored.

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