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Paintball Rocket Launcher! LAW!

Build a small, portable rocket launcher that shoots Nerf footballs and paintballs! This LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) blasts an awesome payload!
Complete instructions on http://www.kipkay.com
Total cost about $50
There is a link for the CO2 Adapter in the instructions found on www.kipkay.com
Check out the Tripwire Bang Alarm here: http://kipkay.com/tripwire
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WARNING: Assembly and use of this project requires adult supervision. CO2 cartridges contain compressed air. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury or death. Read all warnings on the CO2 cartridge packaging. Never point this launcher at any living thing. Do not look into the barrel of the launcher when a C02 cartridge is loaded in the adapter. Always wear eye protection when assembling and using the launcher. Assembly and use of this project is at your own risk.

Thanks to Nick at www.houndsofhellpaintball.com for the original rocket launcher design.

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  1. Seal of Approval

    Put an airsoft grenade in it and it’s a mortar

  2. Javen Falcon

    So i had Built this law perfectly with the exact same parts, same co2,same rocket, but it has very low performance. Any help any one?

  3. Joanne Bain

    Henry hoover

  4. Joanne Bain


  5. Pack Guard Gaming

    I made it but the lever is too hard to turn I think it's too pressurized

  6. Stan van Namen

    Can it launch my career?

  7. Karter Luttrell

    Does anyone else have the problem of their adapter (specifically the hole that punctures the CO2) getting stopped up with the metal from the the CO2 cartridge?

  8. dylan the pokemon trainer


  9. MCRKilljoy

    I actually live within a few miles of an industrial supply store that has a huge selection of pipe fittings.

  10. MCRKilljoy

    Dangerous! The valve is rated for 600 PSI, but the CO2 cartridge can release over 800 PSI into that small area. Cheap 1/2 inch galvanized pipe (with a seam) is only rated for 700 PSI. Use seamless pipe, a steel 1000 PSI ball valve and class 300 MI fittings.

  11. ASDF

    how to get this CO2 AdapterPlease answer me Please

  12. Chris Van der poel

    The law breaks THE real law i think 🙂

  13. Gerardo The coolest

    2011 the stampede came out

  14. awsome1235635

    Would a potato even exit the barrel?

  15. Chernobyl

    its the custom gun for Tf2 called .L.A.W.

  16. Carter Lane

    Could I make an m202 flash with this method?

  17. zman66 bob

    Will it shoot a tenis ball

  18. Bo Seifrit

    Shouldn't LAW be LAAW?

  19. Avery Lehr

    Is there any way of toning down the psi from 850 to 280-300?

  20. Wheeled salmon

    I Fought the law and the… law won

  21. Reptilian Brotherhood

    where did he get invisible spray?

  22. T H E B A T H

    i have an idea…ill modify this so it is a combustion chamber design…maybe ill make a backpack that holds the combustion chamber? hmmm….

  23. The milsim Ghosts

    How wide

  24. Shawn P


  25. Yuri Nevsky

    also can the barrel be longer?

  26. Yuri Nevsky

    anybody found a way to add a sight?

  27. Dylan Depetro

    I have a homemade paintball mortar that uses 180 milligrams of gunpowder, homemade paintball canisters, and if need be, can fire actual mortar rounds provided they fit. Lets just say, you see my at a paintball game, you better have some decent padding. Cause my homemade painball mortar is spot on accurate. If i can see it, i can shoot it.

  28. hooks and bullets

    anyone happen to know what the fps is with this??

  29. Ian Alexander

    barge cement #retrosnickers

  30. thatothersniper

    Is there any way to make this work with a trigger like mechanism?

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