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Perfect Recorder- Windows Phone App

Many of you are irritating with a bug Background Noise when you are recording a video..
” Perfect Recorder”
This is the simple app with the great User Interface from ” Perfect Thumb”.
With this Perfect recorder You can record voice without any Noise..
Link to the Windows Phone store: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-in/store/app/perfect-recorder/3afb6a29-986d-40be-8d08-e77b1d0ee6f1

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  1. Arbaniabud Mawthoh

    How do you share files via WhatsApp???

  2. herbalsniff

    Thx I can now record music and voice and make songs on my Lumia 435 hehe

  3. Cheren

    I didn't know this was text support!

  4. Jimin’s lost Jams


  5. Eliyas Gaming

    don't make me killer::::::))))))

  6. Blue

    Can you transfer the audio files to your computer in case you don't have a microphone for the computer ?


    does this app works even when the screen is of and even at the time of multitaking does it contiue to recording ?

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