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Polaroid Snap vs Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


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  1. Do anyone know if you can use the paloroid cartridges on the instax fujifilm mini 8 ?

  2. +joe flow have a merry christmas and a merry christmas to all!!!!!🎄📦🌟🎁

  3. I only subscribed because you had a wrx wagon 😂 awesome car 👍

  4. The Polaroid is more compact and looks a lot better than the instax

  5. pllmylife pllonelive

    so, what's the best ? polaroid snap or fujifilm?

  6. Comparison was not very clear. It covered only the use you wanted to see and no tech-level comparison

  7. i think the instax is cuter, the photos are more polaroid-like and its cheaper…

  8. theres only one main difference. the snap doesn't have the white frame around the pictures and the fuji film does!! key point

  9. I got the instax first. I'm gonna get the snap❤️❤️

  10. Can you use the Instax film paper in the Polaroid camera & vice-versa?

  11. I like the Polaroid snap more

  12. I wish there was more info in this review. still can't decide which one I want

  13. Ramona Falzon Gatt

    I think that only with the polaroid snap you can save photos and upload them on your pc. Am I right?

  14. D'awww!…I was getting excited about buying one of these cameras, and then you made me feel guilty I'm not saving that $100 towards a new WRX!

  15. shutup

  16. Mini 8 gives the photos a special climat and style in my opinion. that's why i love it

  17. I like the instax a lot better but I wish it had the sticker backing like the polaroid

  18. Thanks for your helpful review. It helped a lot to make my decision 🙂 I just wish the Mini 8 wasn't so big and bulky but oh well, that's how they started!

  19. But the instax film is 20 bucks while snap is only 10

  20. Only trouble with the polaroid is the rechargeable battery cant be changed easily. The instax picture has a more glossy look to it. I use an instax 100. When im out using it, people look at me in disbelief as its such a big camera, and old school.

  21. thank you

  22. 101st sub 🙂 thanks for the review! I'm in the process of buying a Polaroid camera and it was between these two cameras. I think the Instax Mini 8 takes the cake :)

  23. can u put zink paper in polaroid instax mini 8

  24. The snap sucks

  25. This is hard. I love the look of the snap but the instax had clearer pictures

  26. Stephanie Francois

    Hey, can you use either to upload pictures to your computer, or maybe even a memory card?


  28. mini 8

  29. Ok thanks

  30. I subscribed 😜

  31. Does the snap get hot when it is heating?

  32. "If you want to stick your picture on your ummm…microwave, yeah."

  33. Great video, really helped a lot. But just one question, doens't the polaroid snap include the white border while printing?

  34. it looks like the Polaroid photo of the car looks better in bright light with nicer colours while the Instax looks overexposed

  35. I go for instax becayse I got one in monday

  36. I would chose the instax plus im
    Getting one in 1 week

  37. Short and simple much appreciated. I am getting a instax for my guestbook activity (:

  38. nice review, thanks

  39. do the polaroid pics fade?

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