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Q50 Kids GPS Watch Operation Demo

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  1. Blanche Groenewald

    watch is stuck in sos mode on the screen and wont switch off

  2. The most important question cant be answered in the manual of the watch. How do you set the time for the watch ?


  4. T-Mobile tells me that the SIM cards for my two Q50 Kids' Watches are functioning GSM with caller id. The only thing that I needed to check on was how to "unlock" the devices. Not a word on unlocking in video, user guide, instructions, or Q/A. Any ideas?

  5. I bought this and to my understanding you can buy a prepaid phone SIM card straight talk? And do you pay monthly or what? I just need info on the SIM and what to do!

  6. What does the E mean at top of screen on watch?

  7. good evening. Which app should I use on q90? Thank you.

  8. Can the child make a call? I can see the phone numbers on the Smartwatch, and scroll up and down, but how does he call me? Also, can he see his own steps on the Smartwatch to track fitness?

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  10. My watch is asking me to INPUT PIN when turned on

  11. bonjour, impossible d'utiliser la montre quelqu'un peut m'expliquer merci

  12. hi this is faisal from Pakistan, can this watch will work in Pakistan

  13. Hello Ryan!
    I have one watch safe keeper exactly same as yours but during I use it for setting, I just can call from my Iphone to the watch but CANNOT do the call back from watch to my phone.
    The screen appears E symbol and the phone message that "cannot connect" 🙁
    So, please help me handle this!
    Many Thanks!

  14. May i know how to adjust time on the watch?

  15. Don't buy the cheap Junk, and is App very hard to use,

  16. I put in the wrong area and cannot change it when I login. I am in Asia Oceania but registered it in Europe africa.. I get message no networking equipment ….please advise. thank you.

  17. what apps should i download for my android phone?

  18. What app do you download

  19. Can you please advise me how to reset the watch, it keeps saying add failure. my whatsapp no is +27767282088

  20. It works in Honduras C.A?

  21. Ok I have a prepaid SIM and can call the watch and it can be answered however am getting "Device is offline" for everything I try to do. Can't change the time even though I have elected timezone. And the Map is in China – not local. I'm hoping getting the watch online will solve all issues I'm having. How does it become online?

  22. i bought one and i like it but my problem is it will not show me the exact location ,the what it shows it s so farm ,maybe more then 1klm

  23. Hi
    i faced the problem It says device off line .. why ?

  24. ı bought this watch. Where ı can ı found app name for androıd?

  25. Hi. My watch keep is always "Device is Offline".

  26. how to change the language?

  27. Anna Katrina Magbanua

    My charger exploded after 5 mins initial charging, have the recommended voltage.

  28. I put the code in from the watch and the se tracker app it keeps telling me to check and make sure the registration code is correct….help me

  29. Hi there, what if i want to build my own app (instead of using SeTracker) and connect to this Q50 watch? is this possible? Would you provide me an API to do this?

  30. Hi. Why the app says "device off line"? The watch was working very well until yesterday.

  31. I bought the Q50 GPS watch and a SIM card and data plan from AT&T, but it wouldn't work. I could call the watch and we could hear each other talk, but the SeTracker app always said the device was offline and wouldn't send or receive information from the watch (like GPS or SOS). I figured out that it needed a 2G SIM card and data plan, so I called Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket, etc. but they all said they weren't compatible (they can check using the IMEI number located inside the watch). I finally bought a cheap SIM card and prepaid data plan at CVS (Ultra Mobile), and it works perfectly! I struggled with this for 3 months, so I hope this helps other people!

  32. So you have to get a whole additional cell phone service to use this? Is that how you get a sim card? So is it basically just a cell phone watch? It seems if you have to pay for it's own cell phone account you might as well just get them a cellphone?


  34. Hi All, could u please tell me how can I setup the date and time. I have update the app in the Language and Time Zone section but nothing has happened to the Watch, could you please help?! Thanks in advance

  35. how much?

  36. the app says device is offline.

  37. how can I change the clock… I don't want military time.

  38. Hello, I have set up the app and device but every time I try to do anything on
    the app it says equipment not connected to Internet. In the map area it
    will allow me to phone the device and the device to receive the call but
    no other functions are working it won't even let me change the time as
    it says the equipment is not connected to the Internet please help

  39. Hello Friend! I bought a watch that here and could not make it work. A message appears saying that it is not conectado.Coloquei Sim card with credits and up to nothing . Follow the step by step manual

  40. Does it NOT work in Sweden?
    I get "DEVICE IS OFFLINE" all the time … the SIM-card works fine in a phone.

  41. The app name seTraker.

  42. how come mine keep on device not found ?? from Malaysia

  43. What is the name of the app?

  44. i solved unplugging the battery

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