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RCA Viking Pro 10.1″ 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Quad Core Review

UPDATE Newer 2016-2017 Model with android 6.0 is here – https://goo.gl/LvzFTs If it runs out, Amazon has it too – http://amzn.to/2jOVhn5 This is my review of …

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  1. Curly Mobile

    is this good for like Gameloft high graphic games? like order and chaos 2

  2. Paul Lumayag

    I have this it's perfect but the camera sucks

  3. Computer Curry

    Thank you bro.Your amazing! I got this and its AWSOME for literally EVERYTHING! I can type,study and game so flawlessly! Many high end games such as modern combat 3 which is 1.4gb ,mortal kombat X which is 1.2 gb,and gangster vegas which is 1.7 run flawlessly.

    I use the keyboard alot and usually practice typing with it. it is SUPER light compared to how heavy i thought it would be.The speaker isnt the great but i got an app called speakerboost on the play store {which is free and i reccomend it"} and it makes the speaker amazing! The camera isnt that great but so what? its a compact budget tablet. Also on a side note i got a rca voyager 7 with marshmello for my older brother and its great too.

    All in all,thank you underground tech for this awsome review! I think i will be getting many more tablets from rca from now on! Like and subbed.And i put the bell on so i know whenever you post a video xD

  4. Trinity Norris

    I'm playing that tablet right now

  5. nilus1955

    Do you know why this is not available in Europe?

  6. EmilyIsInTheHouseBaby

    this is really what im looking for

  7. Daniel McDaniels

    Is that tablet capable with 4g or only Wi-Fi?

  8. EdgeHead8806

    what kind of tablet would you recommend for someone looking to use it for art? someone told me this tablet could do it but after watching this, that is not the case at all.

  9. Psalms 137-9

    thanks. your reviews are pro!!!!!!!

  10. Weather Fan 2036

    i have a newer improved rca viking pro that runs android marshmallow and has 32 gigs of storage

  11. Shamarie Bartley

    I have one

  12. Queezbo

    Thanks. Even though this is not a year old, it helped me make a decision.

  13. 915MONI

    have you turned on spell check?

  14. Nazeaver Ali-Raines

    I just got this tablet like not even 2 weeks ago and I'm still suffering from slowness

  15. Sonia H

    Would you recommend this tablet for work? Looking to be under $150 if possible. As a tax professional I need something reliable for task at hand.

  16. Doug Pelton

    Do you need a Verizon-AT&T provider to go online…or is it cloud ready like a Chromebook?

  17. Palazerker

    Hey Underground Tech, recently i acquired an Viking Pro for myself. Now, it's a nice tablet and it runs well, but there i one minor problem. Everytime i try to do a firmware update for it, it downloads, but then goes to a screen saying "Update Aborted" do you have any idea why this is and if so, how can i fix this issue?

  18. Ilikedagames 1922

    I picked one of these up for $50 on Walmart last year and it was awful, Video only seemed to play at 720p 30fps which is really annoying, and the screen is terrible. You can see the pixels from a mile away. It couldn't even run any games at all, I tried running Asphalt 8 and it wouldn't even launch.

  19. Roxanne Poe

    hey I'm really not tech savvy and I watch your reviews on things alot. I bought this for my 12 year old for Christmas, not knowing my mom got her an amazon fire 7….we are trying to figure out which one to keep and give her….can you tell me which one is better. thank you so much

  20. Gyamfi The Manchester Guy

    nice vid

  21. TheColonelAngel

    I won this last night in a party raffle at my job

  22. Aden2


  23. Nazeaver Ali-Raines

    Sooo does that mean that this tablet run on Windows on the browser and Android all around?

  24. Jermaine Morgan

    can you use Photoshop?

  25. The Neverending Twilight

    Does the keyboard work for games or are you stuck with your typical touch screen controls? And despite the minor stuttering, how intensive can the games be when played before it becomes a problem? Hopefully it's not much of an issue at all.

  26. Kevin Fogleman

    Hi. I can't seem to assign the web key and mail key. It always asks to complete using. Even when I click always. Your experience? Help appreciated. Thanks

  27. char gamer-roblox-and more

    i got that tablet for Christmas it was awsome ;)

  28. Roger Beesley

    I have one of those tablets.

  29. Marlyn Reza

    Can you load pictures and videos on the tablet from lets say a iPhone?

  30. Awesome Islanders Hockey Videos (AIHV)

    Can you check to see if you can watch videos through Laola1.tv on this device? Thank you!

  31. Kris Johnson

    I'm going to get this

  32. Yuri Neri

    can i download iTunes?

  33. Underground Tech

    Update November 22, 2016: I came out with a subreddit website that's free to join to post questions, comments, and news on everything associated with cheap tablets: https://www.reddit.com/r/BudgetTablets/

  34. Youssef Saleh

    is it slow?

  35. No Haha

    hey man you think you can help me ???

  36. child bye

    I lost interest after he said 2mp camera and bad spacer sorry I will pass the video was good but no on the product

  37. Tyler Yomama

    So can you play apps on it?
    And also play games such as diablo and WoW on it?

  38. InsyberNaught

    Your volume jumps around quite a bit.

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