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Recycle old tech, sell unwanted gadgets

In today’s tech news, make way for all those new holiday gifts by recycling or selling older devices.

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  1. I've heard bad thing about eBay valet service and eBay itself let's buyers get away with murder. Avoid them.

  2. did anybody see that when dude recycled his phone in that machine he only got $1

  3. I swear lexy sounds like Siri

  4. Good tips. Thank you for this video. Keep up the good work and have a good day.

    End of comment.

  5. disappointed.. c'mon cnet. just wiping your data isn't "securely deleting it" you have to encrypt everything first, and then factory reset..

  6. slow news day confirmed

  7. I just went to america yesterday and i found that eco atm what a coinscendence

  8. this host sounds funny XD :P

  9. l need to do course in chinese

  10. I just take it to the local dump

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  12. How the heck is this today's tech news? CNET is a freaking joke!

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