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River Treasure: 4 iPhones, 2 GoPro’s, Pentax WG2 And MOAR!!

River Treasure! iPhones, GoPros and Raybans and more await anyone to find. MOAR River Treasure videos on my channel. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like …

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  1. пиндосы ебаные

  2. Эльвира Салахетдинова

    дай один айфон мне пожалуистааа

  3. send me a iphone iam frome algeria 27 ahmed zabana

  4. trotinete freestyle fabi

    my iphone

  5. Where is that river ???

  6. Sergio & Continental


  7. _winniethepoohbear

    are u going to do some giveaways

  8. can I have the pink iPhone📱📱📱📱

  9. and aiphons

  10. he got the treasuer what u got ?

  11. todo eso de encontro…!!!

  12. hola me podrias regalar una gopro porfavor!!te lo ruego empese en youtube y no tengo camara

  13. Natalia Bravo Diaz


  14. video tips : If u need sunglasses but u don't have mony then check out ur near river …

  15. that's why i prefer panning Australian creeks, the only junk you find there are Gemstones :D

  16. gopro gift pls

  17. Никита Колягин

    я понимаю

  18. Why is there so many sunglasses in the river??

  19. Why is there so many sunglasses in the river?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. WTF

  21. Игрушки Артема

    oh no it is my iphon 6s😨😨😨😨😨im a kry

  22. Куда ты эти айфоны деваешь?

  23. It's FAKE😂

  24. You found my camera ya how do I get it from you

  25. 😱

  26. more is spelled like more not moar

  27. ютюб лэнд


  28. Дарина Булатова

    Я одна из россии

  29. huppy like

  30. protivogazer game

    Я 1 тут русский?

  31. keep the working stuff don't return

  32. Виктория Климова

    Моя гопрошка

  33. I think he dieded😂

  34. так много очков …

  35. you found a camrea that worth $180.20

  36. Raven' fun Adventures

    Thats not real iphone is not invented in a years

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