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Samsung Gadget S3 Smart Watch Best Review Ever – A Must Watch

When Morry Zelcovitch does a watch review, he puts everything into it. You can come into this video knowing absolutely nothing or just about everything related …

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  1. The worst part about owning a Gear s3 is the very low actual compatibility with any Android device, and the whole having to be locked to Samsung's services. And if you WERE to pair it with an other Android device that doesn't have Samsung's apps, you would have to download AND install like 3 or 5 apps to pair it with that phone. But I don't mind, as my main phone with data is a Samsung Galaxy device. And I don't use it with my Axon 7 or LG devices. BUT, if I want full functionality, I would have to use either Samsung's official messaging app, Google Hangouts, or other really popular but lacking messaging apps. And, if I were to use it with a different phone I would have to reset my apps and watch faces. Thankfully, I don't foresee upgrading anytime soon… Well, at least until about a week after the Galaxy S8 releases.

  2. Conratulations on hitting the 15,000 subscriber level ;)

  3. @smartwatch ticks Im Looking for a smartwatch right now i know you do review alot can you tell me which one is the best for the price and i need to pair with an iphone 6s. thank you and you earned a sub !!

  4. This the best till now you have showed

  5. Hi Mr Morry
    Your watch bluetooth and wifi only , did you test to make and receive calls through bluetooth headset

  6. Happy holiday mr. ticks

  7. Great tips.

  8. hi, i have a question, i have a iphone 6s and i am looking for a smartwatch, is there any smartwatch that recives emails from my outlook app on my iphone ?

  9. Excellent review. I did a LOT of research online before deciding to purchase my Moto 360 (2nd Gen) smartwatch. It is my first, and only smartwatch so far, but after seeing Morry's review i'm pretty sure that the Samsung Gear S3 will be my next one. Hopefully the price will have dropped some by then. To be honest it was a very close decision between the Moto 2 and the Gear S2. What finally made my decision was i wasn't too fond of the Tizen OS and the somewhat limited amount of Watch faces and apps available. Plus i liked the ability to say "OK GOOGLE" and have the watch respond to my voice commands. In any case thank you Morry for the very informative and awesome review of this very cool and well made smartwatch. Thank you too Mr. Ticks for sponsoring it. :)

  10. Great video fellow Canadian. I have the Classic and love it.

  11. Hi Morry, had to watch your video twice it was such a good info review, it doesn't take No.1 long to catch on to a good idea,
    they have a No.1 G3+ with a rotating bezel coming out next week, thanks again for your review.

  12. if you have a gear s3, doez your bezel also make a clicky sound? it almost looks like it is going to break soon! i only have it for like 3 days

  13. the box is not for gear s3.
    normally this gay just test chinese perfekt warch.^_^

  14. will this get the new 2.0 Android ware ?

  15. Great video !! Super Watch !! :-)

  16. try to record your videos in 60 fps, in this cause the fluidity and smoothness of the UI would be easier to compare ….

  17. I have thought this thru and thru, over and over. Why have a ''tethering watch'' which means you have to carry 2 devices?? I bought a ''cheap'' standalone Chinese watch (70 Euros), because it had 1 GB RAM , SIM slot and also TF card slot. (32 GB). I rooted it and I am amazed it runs all the apps I have on my NOTE 4. Albeit in a very small screen but it WORKS!! I now find myself leaving my phone at home and don't have to think about where my phone is because it is right ON MY WRIST!! Sure , watching movies and YouTubes is not very nice on a watch but in a pinch I can watch something, and also because I use Chrome on home PC everything I do on my PC is synced automatically to my wrist.
    The S3 looks like a very well made device , but I think many people are soon going to find out that carrying 2 devices is kind of ridiculous.
    Samsung probably wants to keep selling more phones thus making it difficult to get the LTE model of the S3 and it needs an 'e-Sim''.
    Whereas the Chinese smartwatches you can use any SIM from any carrier. I have 4G account with Vodaphone with dual Sim. Even though my Chinese watch is 3G I can use my 4G Sim and it just throttles back the speed to 3G. Here in the Netherlands the whole country is now 4G and the speeds are AWESOME .. 4G+ gives speeds approaching fiberoptic speeds. I am looking forward to what Finow and other manufacturers are coming out with this year. Biggest plus for me would be for them to boost the RAM and ROM and add removable bands and wireless charging.

  18. beautiful review

  19. Great review and teamwork! Finally a smartwatch that is getting there. Would be fun to see how much one can tweek out of the battery, with more stuff turned off, just for comparison. Drewling for the Gear S3, so waiting for a price drop of 30-50%, since it is too high prised for a two day watch, just my five cents… ;-)

  20. I like this one very much, but I prefer the classic version's style… unfortunately, that one doesn't have LTE connection. Not that it would make difference here in Brazil – our phone providers don't support e-SIM technology yet… I hope this would change soon although.

  21. Nice review, however, I want the LTE model. I have Chinese watch full standalone ,,love it.

  22. It's Merry Christmas … obozo is on the outs and so is pc

  23. great review!!!👍👍👍

  24. Thank you Mr. Ticks for having Morry do this review on your channel, just one question, can this watch take a Sim card to use as a stand alone smart watch phone.

  25. lol. I was planning on getting lemfo lem 5 but I got the gear S3 instead

  26. this seems quality but it would cost like a smartphone.

  27. Thanks for publishing this Mr. Ticks… Love your intro and extro, very creative ;)

  28. Do you know if Samsung sold a lot of these?

  29. This watch is worth the money great battery life and heaps of quality watch faces free or paid, it's a much neater set up than android wear.

  30. how much

  31. D.J. Saderholm (catsdgs)


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