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Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Update: Best Features!

Android 7.0 Nougat is headed to the Samsung Galaxy S7 + S7 edge. Here’s our roundup of the top features that’ll be coming to one of the best phones of 2016!

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  1. you know, it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't read so many articles saying "NOUGAT IS ON ITS WAY" been reading headlines like that for the longest ..idec when it comes out now lol

  2. Lol the fragmentation of android. Keep waiting fandroids!

  3. Likeeeee

  4. Sprint is slow as hell with them updates

  5. fuck you samsung, worst software ever. bye you lost a consumer. 2017 pixel here i come

  6. Cool lag at 0:40

  7. still waiting

  8. Am I the only one with SM-G930F who's still waiting for nougat?

  9. I'm still waiting for the update here in the Philippines. Does anyone know when it'll arrive?

  10. verizon needs to hurry up

  11. What the hell is Android 'new-gut'?

  12. "And extra options like calendar view". FYI the "extra option" already exists in Marshmallow!

  13. It's not TouchWiz anymore, Samsung has used Grace UI from the Note 7.

  14. Don't worry everybody who doesn't have the unlocked version. The update is just 5 years away.

  15. still waiting. ugh. I have T-Mobile. and it's taking forever to get the update.

  16. Still waiting for the update on T-Mobile USA

  17. what about bugs,app crashes,lags???

  18. I ain't got it yet in the UK on 3 network

  19. what about battery life w the nougat in the US version. ? as I've been told that the international version is superior in all aspects of the phone and performance wise. lmk.thanks. oh and compare this s7 to nexus 5x or 6p. lmk. thanks 🤙

  20. Dammit Verizon. I want it already

  21. I have the s7 edge, model sm-G935U, and do not have nougat yet

  22. no nugat for mi on verizon ¡¡¡

  23. still waiting on Tmobile to push out the update is there any way to get it quicker

  24. It's amazing, but the recent apps menu has gotten significantly worse.

  25. I have a GS7edge and I'm still waiting :(

  26. It's a shame I probably won't get this on my Note 4. November is a long way away to wait for the next note.

  27. How the hell you have a white 7 edge lol looks clean

  28. My Galaxy s7 crashes and restarts everytime I close YouTube! (After the nougat update) .

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