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Samsung UE65JS9500 (JS9500) TV Picture Settings tips and tricks

AVForums Assistant Editor and ISF/THX Video calibrator Steve Withers walks us through the picture and menu settings for the Samsung JS9500 4K SUHD TV.

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  1. Hmm, it's special how most of the settings suggested are so different, mostly for the RGB 10 points values, than those suggested on another reputated french AV website. I guess it can depend on the sample you have and that none are the same but it's a good starting point or at least better than default!

    I've already calibrated mine through the Disney disc but I could try your values and see how it goes :)

  2. Chandy Motörhead

    How to get rid of pixelation when watching hd contents?

  3. I hate to be the guy who posts negative comments. I think the movie mode is the worst setting. I prefer the "natural" setting. I dont even think its my personal preference. I've shown over 30 people the differences and asked what they like the best and not one chose "movie"

  4. is HDR always on…..or just in movie mode. or depends on your TV? I figured it's always on

  5. Oh. I have come here just for PiP. And you passed it directly. ok then…

  6. what happen with the PIP on Samsung…?

  7. Can you do another video on calibrating HDR on this TV?

  8. In other words I should turn everything to 'Off' according to this calibration! Lol

  9. I'm currently using this TV in the 48in version as a PC monitor. Would anybody know if these settings would be optimal for PC use?

  10. i cant change youtube videos qualities

  11. what about Eco Sensor and Energy Saving Mode if mine is turned all the way up it starts to flicker in dark scenes especially and some light scenes why is that? I have a 55 inch JS9000 model..is it supposed to do that when it's turned up like that?

  12. Luz MommyOf4 (luzfashion0617)

    Are these settings good for playing game on playstation4? I ordered the UN55JS9000. Please let me know. 🙏🏽

  13. Can these settings be suitable for the UE55JS9000 too?

  14. I have Samsung UE40H5500, which I use for Xbox One. Can anyone tell me the best picture settings possible?

  15. with these settings there is no color pop. I use smart led high backlight 12 sharpness 20 and too me it looks way better

  16. Thank you . I've just picked up the 78" model based on your review and enjoying it immensely however I have one major gripe with it -> how on earth do you select "game mode" ? I'm currently using it to play pc games but the input lag is tedious and I don't seem to have it as an option in the display modes ? So far I've located dynamic , standard , movie , sports mode but … Any tips? I've completed the latest TV software update , what am I missing ?

  17. will this work on the 8500 series as well? or will they be different settings?

  18. Thank you. What is the "calibration disc" (?) you mentioned during the video?

  19. Do one of js9000? & h7150? Plz 

  20. Can you please do the same for the VT65?

  21. Please do the same with the Samsung smart TV h7150 😢

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