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Scientific Tuesdays – How to make paper invisible!!

In this episode of Scientific Tuesdays we will show you how to take a paper envelope and see directly through it, leaving no trace behind. We will explore how to take hexanes and put them to good use. Oh, science….

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  1. If I were to do this, and then laminate the paper, would it stay translucent permanently?  If not, is there a way to do so?

  2. But I have to give the envelope to my parents wet if I had to do this

  3. … sometimes i chew on paper without even knowing and i would chew on an envelope… i hope nobody pours that stuff on it

  4. Coolgamer101 Rosenberg


  5. congrats on the 4.0

  6. If u dont want your parents to read the letter than why dont you just hide it before they get home, wait for them to fall asleep, grab a knife and stab them to death in their sleep

  7. Is there a way to make the paper permanently transparent?

  8. Hexon here i come

  9. aww i wanted to try the survey 🙁 just for fun, finding out what the questions are

  10. Alright I have one question WHERE DO GET HEXANE?!?!?!?!?!?

  11. I love science post more videos love the one's your making ☺😊

  12. So the hexanes come right off of the envelope without a trace?

    also, the paper toilet prank might not work on male friends…for obvious reasons.

  13. Use baby oil

  14. What's reading a letter going to do anyway?
    I mean, even if you read the letter, you're still going to give it to your parents at the end of the day so what's the point? Just give it to your parents and ask them what it said. Or if you're desperate for whatever reason, read it and then give it to your parents, saying you've read it already. No biggie.

    And also. Hexane? Is that really something you just keep around your house in America?

  15. this dosent work becuse people fold paper in ways instead of out

  16. This is cool,but in this case I'd just open the envelope and then reseal it.

  17. Where would a kid even get Hexan???

  18. Yes because I bring my hexane to every class

    You put the envelope in the freezer. The glue of the envelope will separate, read the letter, put the letter back in the envelope and reseal it. I've done it before when I get envelops accidentally sealed.

  20. How do you have fucking 2,000,000 subs when all you upload is shitty life hacks and tricks that for e.g this one, Who is gonna casually have Hexane….

  21. Print the exact information onto a NEW envelope, open the old one from the mail, and READ, store into the NEW envelope, and seal it. GOOD AS NEW!

  22. Where did u bought hexanes aces?! I need to know!!!!!😡😡😡😡

  23. Can you buy that in stores

  24. Can you buy that in stores

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