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Scientific Tuesdays – Make invisible ink from milk?!

In this episode of Scientific Tuesdays we show how to create a secret message on paper using milk and a simple iron! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Scientific Tuesdays will be on hiatus for a few weeks while we stat on Season 2 for you! But relax! It will be better than ever! Stay Tuned and see you then! .
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  1. so ugly face

  2. this is sooo stupid… check out Product Peeks channel theres a REAL invisible INK 👵

  3. cool!!!!!

  4. lol our school selling a invisible pen for 5$ iam not joking and i have like 89 of them, iam shocked that u need to do this crap just to make an invisible ink.

  5. Ashuthosh Bharadwaj

    can we use a microwave oven?

  6. i try this but is not working


    cusdays lol

  8. How is this goin to be usefull?

  9. You can use lemon aswell!

  10. we need a MILK PEN

  11. mmmhhh it would be easy just to use my semen and use a uv light

    i joke i joke

  12. if you use this method you can use full fat milk because then it will be more visible

  13. you could use other material like lemon juice gor ink and a feather or a dull pencil

  14. use lemon

  15. I'm pretty sure the wise man said something like "Early to bed, Early to rise; makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise."

  16. It works with lemon juice too! ☺

  17. this is rally works

  18. You can do the same with lemon juice

  19. Haha me to to the top comment

  20. Charlie Eleftheriadis

    Why do u always put your head so close to the camera

  21. hmm but don't write because they can bypass your language its easy if you want with your friend ask the teacher what language she don't know and speak it like Russian French Italian or something like that because on the paper its easy but when you talk your own language its gonna be hard to know what you said and not gonna bust you 😀

  22. my friend and I did that. Its tough to speak but fun to write xD

  23. haha you can create your own language so the teachers cant read it or trying to discover !!!

  24. why does it look like blood
    it scary

  25. ☣PistolSniper☣

    lemon juice does the same thing i think

  26. he said you could use a heat lamp

  27. epic. fail.

  28. Lemons…… Also work if your allergic to milk..

  29. I don't hav an iron! I kinda burned a hole thru a white uniform shirt so we trashed it and got a steamer. Much better. And cool video-thought only lemons worked.

  30. I understand that you can not carry milk,BUT how can you not cary an iron? Oh yeah and last thing if you are very carreful you can do the same with just a matchligh or any fire source

  31. First

  32. the thumb looks like a knob

  33. Wasted all that milk.

  34. this trick got mt counter on fire

  35. LOL!!! x) ''milky massages'' 😀

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