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Scientific Tuesdays – Turn Styrofoam into Hard Plastic!

Finger nail polish dissolves styrofoam. What we do with the left over goop is up to us. When we gather the left overs after dissolving styrofoam we can turn it into our own homemade plastic. All you need is some styrofoam, some 100% pure acetone (nail polish remover) and a little free time.

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Latest Video: “Can a Rubik’s Cube Survive Nail Polish Remover? We Tested It!”


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  1. David Crispell

    the plastic result is actually polystyrene

  2. skye vaughn

    use styrofoam with gasoline or acetone and you get spider webs like spiderman!

  3. Rony McJony

    What does this do to polycarbonate plastic?

  4. Deepak Vasudevan Malarvannan

    does this plastic flameable or when heated will it br remouldable ?


    can we same done with ABS

  6. Mark Herrera

    .. cousin balki!! hahaha.. younger generations like "wtf .. who is that?!" .. that was out of nowhere but funny shit..

  7. Edgar Retener

    So you made napalm…

  8. ray medina

    How u get the bubble s out I need it smooth

  9. Mubble

    U don't want it on ur hands cause of the substance or the acestone?

  10. Tebe Nigrelli

    Is alcohol Ok?

  11. shimering Star

    So basically if we pour acetone aka nailpolish remover over kimkardashian she will dissolve cause she's 99% plastic 1% oxygen

  12. Asher Asberry

    your cute AND smart

  13. Vicente bourgeois

    alguien que hable español me podria decir que son las gomitas verdes????

  14. Jon Hohensee

    Good thing you were wearing that hat. Making videos can really chill a guy.

  15. David Withers

    Do more Scientific Tuesday

  16. Gasgiant

    Nail polish remover isn't pure ecetone it has conditioner in it.

  17. Nik The Vegan Welder

    Acetone burns? Acetone gets on my hands like once a week, sure it dries the skin but its nothing to write home about

  18. Abigail Palacios

    the way he throws the "H" tho in the end of the video

  19. Carlos The Hamster

    Remember to breath the styrene fumes deep into your lungs in an enclosed area

  20. Zee captain

    Do this in gasoline and you got your self some cheap homemade napalm

  21. Playlist Queen

    "Acetone has a tendency to burn"                                                                                                                                                                     nail artists laugh in the distance

  22. Ben Heslop

    I net sum ppl tried to reverse it

  23. Homeroom Diaries

    "Acetone has a tendency to burn."

  24. Greg Peck

    Nice mold, did that take all of three seconds to make? This is nothing but an ad for carbonite. Why would ANYONE want to back up their data in an offline site? Big or small.

  25. Flower Wishes

    The peanuts looked like marshmallows

  26. Video ends at 2:35

  27. sohaibsomaansameed

    Դուք իզուր ձեր ժամանակը թարգմանելու այս խմբին:

  28. Leopold M Llonch

    Any ideas for re-purposing the stainless steel parts of outdoor grills? So many people give them away because of the rusty inside, but the SS Covers are in excellent condition.

  29. HoneyKiss Aj

    Nail polish remover gets on hands all the time

  30. Destructoc0n gaming

    I always just eat a couple when I get those packing peanuts

  31. Shadoku Kellos

    professor who

  32. nova

    I LOVE the packing peanuts 😆

  33. Tako Lap

    Its highly flammable

  34. Kai Mantle

    oh my god… that wow reference at 0:50 _, ICC WOTLK xD

  35. luna fi

    hey I don't hate it when I get those peanuts, they're awesome!!

  36. droidspenser

    replace acetone with gasoline and you got napalm!

  37. Niles Anderson

    I found out that gasoline dissolves styrofoam the hard way… I tried filling up my fourwheeler with gas and the hose couldn't reach all the way, and I tried to use a styrofoam cup… bad day

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