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SH100 Samsung Digital Wi-Fi Camera Review

This is the new SAMSUNG Digital Camera SH100, the latest Wi-Fi enabled compact camera. – Wi-Fi enabled Sharing over the internet and social networking …

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  1. pls change your hair cut. jeje

  2. ايه يا هيجانين يا ولاد الوسخة؟؟

    hey horny girls bitches ??

  3. Michigan Gun News Channel

    Im getting this tomorrow :D

  4. I'm more interested in HIM than the camera.

  5. believe it or not i just got this camera from goodwill for 30$ flawless not a single scratch or mark on it and works like a charm came with a case and the stylus only no charger but ebay here i come 

  6. thanks yer I brought this cam.but getting the wifi to work is a problem you have to keep putting in your wifi address that stinks samsung should have a better job at saving the wifi address..what do you think?

  7. i have the camera and,yesh it can ^^

  8. can you email photos to email?thanks in advance.

  9. OMG! i am getting it tomorrow! it's on sale too. And LOL on ya comment there
    xxObscuraxx………. 🙂 i think most who viewed this want him with the package. 

  10. @iKnifeU123 You can do it on Android for sure with Securet Camera App. You may have the same App in the store! ……but you've probably found that out already. You would just need a DLNA App of some type. Ok my friend just told me you can use "Security Cam" app or look for Wifi Stream camera, JumiCam Lite, iCam, etc. Android has about 30 apps for this available. I'm sure iPhone has many too!

  11. Awesome little camera!!!!

  12. Can I transfer pictures from this camara to my IPAD? And how? Thanks

  13. This camera is too good to be true.

  14. Handsome, what's your name? x:

  15. I see you transfer photos to face book very fast. Is it depending on wireless connection?

  16. Last time uploading photos to computers/online is a pain in the a**, but now it's easy with SH100. Cool!

  17. How is the quality of the images?

  18. Nice features. I fall in love with the camera the moment I see the features.

  19. Cool camera. Touch screen + wifi + easy upload.

  20. Uploading photos now is easy. I can't believe that SH100 make it very very easy.

  21. You look like a character in Japanese Anime.

  22. Lorraine Featherston

    he didn't come with my new SH100 !!! shame but the camera nearly makes up for it !!!

  23. definitely buying this =]

  24. Awesome!…. excellent for hi-tech users most of the street in the place where i live have wi-fi public free access…. i'm glad that all day and night all the pictures i took sent right away to picasa, photobucket, facebook and even e-mails….. to those who want everyone to get always connected w/ your friends, family and love one. I highly commended Samsung SH100…no need to use usb cable or Bluetooth, I bought it here in Quezon City (SM North EDSA) price: P10,990.00 

  25. Very cool.I may grab one of these,what's the price ?

  26. THEbeginningofend

    =( its to complicated, im still trying to learn how to use it…

  27. cool camera! i love it! And this camera is great for Time Lapse Photography too! you just need this device: tempusALL.bymac.org
    I got very professional time-lapse videos with camera! cool sunset videos!

  28. Abdelaziz mostafa

    thanks a lot my friend 🙂
    I'll buy it in about 3 days or something
    ( I'm from Egypt .. )

  29. @TheDemondade its a great little camera! i bought it to replace panasonic that I had dropped. Resolution is great, video is good, the wifi is an amazing feature and you will never need to copy to your computer again over wires. You can also charge via usb so you don't have to carry yet another charger around. Touch screen takes a bit of getting used to but it does work. Buy it now!

  30. Abdelaziz mostafa

    Anyone bought this camera can tell me if its good to buy ?

  31. what a fag!

  32. this cam is bang for the buck…not just ur typical digicam, its a smart digicam..

  33. pretty guy 😉 cool cam

  34. very hot! the camera ain't too bad either :)

  35. is it me or does that phone thing kinda make it easier for ppl to take pics of girls in the changing room lol

  36. This camera gave me a boner…and I'm a girl. Dx

    And CTFxC ftw. ;)

  37. just one question… Do You Come With The Camera? ;D

  38. Phil Brought me here :)

  39. @toxicblack77 looks like he was using an iphone

  40. I'm pretty sure this guy is hired by Samsung, especially since this guy only has 1 video. There's really nothing negative said about the camera, but it was definitely informative. 

  41. I ordered the red one, to match my local sports teams (Capitals, Nationals, and new Wizards uniforms).

    Regarding closeup shots, the video showed a closeup button on the back.

  42. Very Nice vídeo.

  43. excellent demo of the camera's potential…is this a corporate vid or this kid's one off homemade?
    regardless, well done…thanks….i think this camera will answer some needs i have, maybe all my walk about needs…and it has built in GPS…and a price of 199….who would'nt want one?

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